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Rogers internet + Router help?


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Here's the situation my friend has purchased a router (specs and make forthcoming) in order to connect both of his puter's to his Rogers service...

How the hell does he set this up??

I assumed a hub would be more suitable but who knoz?



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if he has xp it will do it for him.otherwise do like I did and phone rogers help line and they will walk you through it


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If it's a linksys/d-link/smc/similar router made for cable/dsl connections..

You plug the rj45 cable from the cable modem into the WAN port.
Plug the cables from the computers into LAN ports.

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Originally posted by Stormshadow
Tell him to read the instructions.
It takes about 2 minutes to set up.
or less. christ. unless he bought totally the wrong thing, like i did the first time because the guy at futureshop was an idiot.

i knew what i wanted, he insisted what he was pushing on me was it, i was in hurry and took his word for it. he was totally wrong (he had grabbed the wrong box off the shelf - i wanted the one beside it). :eek: