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Rogers 6GB iPhone plan takeover + Free iPhone!

Discussion in 'Buy & Sell & Rent' started by SolChild, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. SolChild

    SolChild TRIBE Promoter

    Hey Tribesters,

    Seriously downgrading cell service.

    1 Year Remaining on my plan (july 25, 2011)
    6GB Data + Tethering
    250 Daytime Minutes
    My 5 Faves Canada Wide
    Call Display + Visual Voicemail
    Unlimited Texting
    Free Eves & Weekends from 9PM

    *** + Free iPhone 3G in great Shape***

    Take over my plan!

    about $70/month

    pm me if youre interested.
  2. xsre

    xsre TRIBE Member

    How does one takeover someone's plan?
  3. SolChild

    SolChild TRIBE Promoter

    Basically I call, then give them your name and let them know that you'll be taking over my plan. And then they either call you or you call them and tell them the same and voila. The account gets transferred over to your name and you get a new ph#.

    But in my case you'd also get an iPhone. :D

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