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Roger Sanchez @ Turbo

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by michellmybelle, Nov 8, 2000.

  1. michellmybelle

    michellmybelle TRIBE Member


    The only set that I enjoyed more than this one was Tenaglia at Industry in August. The man was having so much fun, he pounded the shit out of everyone, and he was nice, even to those irritating people who hold out their fists and yell "ROGER! ROGER!" while he's trying to mix.

    I found myself just standing there, numerous times, unable to believe what was going on. [​IMG]
  2. wishy

    wishy TRIBE Member

    the music was excellent, the people were great, this was one of my best nights at turbo (and i'm there every saturday [​IMG] ), i danced the whole night, met a lot of people... i have one thing to say... WOOO HOOO [​IMG]
  3. dimpy

    dimpy TRIBE Member

    glad yall had fun, unfortunately i couldn't be two places at one time- note to giant promoters- bring sanchez back soon PLEASE
  4. MiSsfunKkyflyY

    MiSsfunKkyflyY TRIBE Member

    Roger rocked Stereo on Friday (10th)as well...

    .. i had the best night.. the vocals killed me!!!! ... i wonder how tenaglia was last nite... ?

  5. dimpy

    dimpy TRIBE Member

    ummm, where's stereo?

    so they have a web site? (i assuming it's not in TO and my friend in NY has never heard of it- Montreal?) anyhow it sounds kind of sweet. what's it like?
  6. MiSsfunKkyflyY

    MiSsfunKkyflyY TRIBE Member

    yah ... stereo is in Montreal..

    Um... it's a cool club.. it reminds me exactly of industry, just higher ceilings, and well no droplets falling on you from the ceiling! .. Um. Same kinda crowd, .. fuckin amazing vibe, most of the time, and it's one big room, with a chill out place above where you can see the whole dance floor, and this killer sound system with these huge speakers in random places all around the floor.. then there's a secret chill out room behind the dj booth.. the dj booth is like a floor up looking over everyone.. then there's more chillout downstairs, and they're opening another room(mainly chillout again) another flight down. ... not too many thugs, .. no glowsticks.. well maybe one?, .. and no attitude. .. you even have a couple girls that like to dance with their DD boobs flying around (whatever makes you happy!!!
    ), couple drag queens, a little of everything, that's what makes that much more better...

    i don't know a website.. but the montreal mirror might be able to help you out?>!>!. ..

  7. dimpy

    dimpy TRIBE Member

    thanks, what's soma like? where else is nice to party- is there anything else like the black and blue coming up? (i missed it for the fam) but i guess not as big. oh and how much would it be stereo be on a night when say sanchez or teneglia played? thanks for the 411 if you can provide it- (you seem cool from your posts so i trust your opinions more than a mag or people just on the street say) one thing that i heard when i was there in may- that its better partying on the week days than on sat, sun true?

  8. MiSsfunKkyflyY

    MiSsfunKkyflyY TRIBE Member


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