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Roger 'S-man' Sanchez @ Madbar

orange richie

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WOW! :eek: lets see, got to Madbar at around 11:30 with my lovely friend Dagmara and was pleasantly surprised to see no line up and the place already rockin' to the sounds of Mr. Sanchez himself. No bullshit line ups to make the club look better from the outside, they just let everyone in and away we go! Nice...

As soon as I walked in the place you could feel the energy in the air!, nobody waited, they got strait to the partying. Everyone was having a good time! Including the crew @ Madbar, whom it was nice to see let loose like that and do it up right for a special night like that. Everyone was dancing! Let me add that there was a very beautiful crowd representing last night.

What a perfect B-day weekend!, and last night was the icing on the cake. I would call this the party of the year so far! and I don't think it will be easily mached. I haven't seen a vibe like that in years, it reminded me so much of Industry. Me and my companion would glance at each other every once in a while and smile cuz the party was bringing back a lot of wonderful memories.

On to the music... House is where it's at! I always have a genuinely good time where there's good house music. Roger played a wide variety of it too (8 hour set), from soulful mood lifting house right up to tech-house, he covered the bases well. I haven't heard Sanchez in a few years and it wasn't his best set but it was damn close! He was having a blast up there too, it must be a DJ's dream too witness such positive vibes eminating from the crowd.

Didn't see any tribers out and about in the jam packed space, what can I say, you missed a good one! The only one I recognized was Alex d. who stopped in to take a peek and some photos for his collection. Needless to say, my partner and myself were on the dance floor for most of the night. Today I spent time sleeping, relaxing, went for a long drive and checked out the lake wich was very springy indeed. Once again, a perfect B-day weekend, best one yet! Cheers to the Madbar crew and company for putting on a quality event and Dagmara for being the perfect accomplice for a night of this calibre. ;)

Rickardo Belmiro de la Cruz...
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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i was hoping i was going to hear a bad review for this night so i wouldn't feel so guilty and jealous about not going. i am kicking myself....

Rob Selecta

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That was one of the best party's i've ever been to. The crowd was great, the music rocked and Roger is a kick ass guy.
Thanks to all of you that came out, the party went till 6:30am.