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Rocky Horror Picture Show


TRIBE Member
So after infinite cultural references, I still had never seen this movie.

So today, I made a point of watching it.

In short -- I don't get it. I could write a better musical in my sleep.

And yet, I find it intriguing. At least now I know why Chord Overstreet was wearing gold short shorts. I guess that made it worthwhile.



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I haven't seen it either. I don't have any plans to. Maybe one day.

But you certainly haven't motivated me.


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Maybe you should write a play about your dalliances in the Asian and kitchener Waterloo underworlds.


TRIBE Member
I would watch a Jeffsus: A Musical. I will write Jeffsus: A Musical.


The scene opens with Jeff standing beside two asian men, oiled and unconscious, piled unceremoniously beside a mattress on the floor of another wise bare apartment.

Jeff: [Singing:Will I ever be sated?] "Another ni-ight… another fr-ight… followed by another fleshy de-light!"

<skip forward, skip forward, intermission, skip forward>

Jeff, Roommates, & Chorus: [Singing: Party Hard] "A gentleman… a scholar… a paragon of class… this is a man (Jeff: I am a man) who will eat a pretzel from your ass!"

<applause, applause, applause>

Krzysiu gets a Tony. "Thank you. Thank you."
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