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rockin' IRENE -- FIRED!!!!


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Originally posted by Chubbs
Prolly the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Jeesus... these new brunny owners know how to fuck shit up large.

I know the owner and he's trying to change the image of the place. The last couple of years before he bought it a lot of "thugs" had started goign there. They had problems with fights and other violent acts. Obviously he doesn't want that sort of thing happening in his establishment so he's making it difficult for those people to get in.
and it's not exactly a strict dress code... it's more or a no bandana, hats or gang coulors kind of deal. If you're a wannabe hood rat you won't get in.
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I went once about 6 years ago, on an Eng trip with Adam.

I picked up, I got drunk, I yelled.

I would rate it as having been a damn fun night.


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Re: Re: rockin' IRENE -- FIRED!!!!

Originally posted by Smiley Jo
Lies! :p

That's crazy - if you went to University in Ontario there is NO way you should not be familiar with this establishment.

I never did, and I know of it.... :rolleyes:


hahahaha I've actually never step foot inside the place! I was always too busy hanging out with all the cool TRIBE people than to hang out with campus geeks *Grin*

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i can't even begin to tell you how much fun i've had in that fucking place....

when i was underage...

why drink @ a picnic table in a cold park somewhere in etobicoke when you can get all pissed up @ brunny sitting @ picnic tables all warm and fuzzy in some dank basement

and when i was of age...

comming home from out of town, meeting up with old friends and letting loose all messy drunk n' what not

the dude that would sell mehicano munchies with the big hat

rawkin irene

skin 2 win

thong song

oh man....

when i saw the new purple barney paint job i knew some of the good times were over...

haven't been since they changed mgt, dont' think i want to


not my dig by any means nowadays, but still love it
wasn't there a jazz bar upstairs back in the day... with the greats like ella, louis, oscar peterson making guest spots there?