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Rock veterans start online music alliance

Boss Hog

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sorry if it's a double post... it was sent by email so I don't have a source.

Rock veterans start online music alliance

CANNES - The success of legal music download services has led musicians
Peter Gabriel and Brian Eno to develop a new alliance that will allow
artists to bypass record labels and sell their music online.

Artists need to take action as the digital music industry develops, the duo
argued at a music conference Monday.

"Unless artists quickly grasp the possibilities that are available to them,
then the rules will get written and they'll get written without much input
from artists," Eno said.

Gabriel and Eno, who plan to launch the online initiative within a month,
call the plan the Magnificent Union of Digitally Downloading Artists, or
MUDDA. They propose that artists should set their own prices and agenda.

A pamphlet from the two musicians lists online alternatives to the typical
album or CD format, including releasing a minute of music every day for a
month or posting several recorded versions of a song and asking fans to vote
on which is best.

The effort will certainly be valuable to and help unsigned artists,
Forrester Research analyst Josh Bernoff told the Canadian Press. "But for
anyone [already] signed, it's almost certainly a violation of their

Gabriel, who also owns his own label, said he wants to give artists more
options. The technology for MUDDA would come from On Demand Distribution, a
company Gabriel co-founded to run legal music download sites in 11 European
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That's a huge step in the right direction.
And with a guy like Eno spearheading it, I think it'll bring a lot of artists onboard.
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Originally posted by Boss Hog
Peter Gabriel... still innovative after all these years. I'd totally support this.

He's one of the few artists that actually innovates rather than tries to sell you on bells and whistles when it comes to his music and the product it's contained in.


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i think this is more of a means of distribution than a record label

right now those are seen as the same thing, but they could easily be separated