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Robert Ouimet at the Piston


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Just blew us away. There as a guest of the Beam Me Up Disco party, he came on just before midnight and proceeded to lay down track after track of insane goodness.

And his drops were SO good they had the dancefloor howling and cheering. And so impeccably timed; none of that on and on and on stuff that makes you mutter "is this EVER going to drop?"

Some classics, a bunch of tracks I had never heard but made me put my hand over my heart and just beam. And even the classics were remixed on the fly to make them just so so good.

What a great party!


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It's interesting to see an older, more experienced DJ level a place and do what a dance floor needs and wants. Big drops, big grooves, a lot of dancing, pints of Guinness, good people... a damn good night out.

The Beam Me Up Disco chaps are good guys too with a positive, no bullshit attitude about it all.


Staff member
Robert was a key player in the disco era. He has a really broad and deep knowledge of the genre. I wish I had gone to this event. I saw him many times at the Limelight in the late seventies and he just killed it every time. Back then it was just 1200's and a mixer and he used to do stuff just with records that I would try to emulate in the clubs I worked at at the time. I am glad to see he is still DJing every so often.
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