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Robert Baltovich case. The truth and nothing but

an honest man

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come on kid-lets hear the apology. grow some balls and face the music you created with your big mouth. step up and ill be gone from here. no more stalker


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I don't care who you are, but a woman died. She was murdered for Christ's sake. The Kid knew her family (Obviously an emotional response). If his response didn't suit your palate then so be it. He spoke about it 4 YEARS ago. He doesn't want to talk about it now.

Whether you are Robert B or not, a friend of his family or not, let it fucking go. The courts will decide the issue. Deal with it... and have some fucking respect for the dead and those who might care for them.
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dr. claw

an honest man said:
peko stop acting like a child wanting the sucker on the shelf.

you tough guys came to me. and with nothing but childish antics.

obsessively insistant- did you really type that. im almost 40 yrs old and have come to realize how to get people to open up. case in point this thread.

the kid' wont speak of this because he's mature or too busy or doesnt want to speak about it because he's so close to the bains(lol ya ok). he is in hiding because he knows he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. the guy outright lied and isnt man enough to admit it. if he admits it ill stop posting.

if i get banned for what i have said, shame on whomever does the banning. i started a thread/ got lamelessly(is this a word geniuses)attacked form grade school students/ got called a stay at home single parent. ya i joked by saying anyone at hoem on the pc in the mid afternoon probably didnt have job. but anyone over 15 yrs old knew where i was coming from. christ i was home and on the pc. i work half days on friday. but it was funny.

If you started this thread by attempting to instigate discussion in a way that wasn't so vehemently fueled with emotion and vitriol, your posts would likely be yielding a much different reaction. There are posters here who are fairly pragmatic and who are willing to debate in a respectful manner. Nobody's reaction to your posts has anything to do with your stance on whether or not Baltovich was fairly treated- in fact judging from media stories throughout the years I suspect that the general consensus among the public is that he deserves a retrial.

I don't know you or the Kid- from my point of view you both made some rather silly assessments obviously coloured by the personal interest you have in regards to this matter (which is perfectly understandable). But I have to say that from a completely objective perspective, you're not coming off as much more than an inarticulate blowhard looking to pick a fight where the Kid appears to be taking the high road. The Kid has made it clear he does not wish to discuss this out of respect for the family. Why do you keep trying to provoke fights as opposed to substantive discussion?

If you're really trying to help Baltovich out, there are many more constructive ways to do so than picking fights with randoms on the internet. Supposing that the kid actually was to "apologize" (and I should mention that he does not owe you anything), would that really help Baltovich's plight? If your presence here is merely to change how people perceive Baltovich, lending the impression that he consorts with psycho-aggros isn't exactly going to help his cause.
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Like most Internet trolls, "an honest man" seems to gets off on attention, even negative attention. There is no other explanation as to why he continually returns with the same generic and weak insults, even after being called out on using them. What he's doing that is more clever than the average Internet troll, is the way he's testing us in how many times we will respond to the same statement (only delivered with differing phrasing).

For a great example, compare any given posts of his. You'll notice that they tend to follow the same common characteristic, as if setting control variables in an experiment.

Posts may and often do include any of the following:

- Supporting of the troll's thesis or underlying belief
- A derogatory statement made to a person, but more often, the general population of parties involved
- A dismissal of interest in the engagement or relationship with the other parties
- A baiting technique involving engagement by reversal of attack
- Clear intent to continue the engagement

He's doing a great job at it to, although it's too bad that it's at the expense of a man on trial.

doodle slax

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sorry Geoff...

Baltovich acquitted of murder
Apr 22, 2008 10:41 AM
Peter Small, Courts Bureau

Eighteen years after university student Elizabeth Bain vanished and was murdered, her boyfriend, Robert Baltovich has been acquitted. The Crown offered no evidence and the judge directed the jury to acquit him.
Before the jury was brought in to hear the opening arguments in Baltovich's retrial, Crown attorney Philip Kotanen said the prosecution could not proceed due to a lack of evidence.

"There is no longer any reasonable prospect of conviction," he told Superior Court.

Defence lawyer James Lockyer said Baltovich's defence team collected evidence that doesn't prove beyond a reasonable doubt that serial killer Paul Bernardo murdered the 22-year-old, but does raise a "reasonable possibility" and "including the probability" that Bernardo committed the crime.

Justice David McCombs directed the jury to acquit, saying the only verdict that could "be supported in this case" is not guilty.

This was the second trial for Baltovich in case of the disappearance and death of Bain.

Baltovich, now 42, spent eight years in jail before Ontario’s highest court quashed the conviction and ordered a new trial. During the appeal, his lawyers argued that convicted killer Paul Bernardo may have murdered Bain, whose body was never found.

The 22-year-old student at the University of Toronto's Scarborough campus disappeared on the afternoon of June 19, 1990 after telling her mother she was going to the campus tennis courts.

Three days later her car was found two blocks from the campus with a substantial quantity of her blood in the back.

Jurors also heard that her body has never been found. Baltovich was first charged with her murder in November 1990.

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Subsonic Chronic

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He probably just couldn't find the core forum. Besides, I still think Baltovich is guilty just based on an honest man's posts. To hell with what the courts say.


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yeah, unfortunately it doesn't really matter what you think. I personally think that Robert was a patsy based on various things I've read/heard about the case but again, it matters not.

hasn't the premier requested a public inquiry or something now?


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seems as though Pulse 24 had Robert Baltovich on as a guest the other night and he was taking questions from callers for an hour.

Geoff should've called in.


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Hey KID was wondering at the time liz went missing and through the trial, was there any talk or suggestions from the family on where the police feel that her remains would be found.
there are people still out there looking for her and care very much about bringing her home to a proper burial.


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oh and ps; KID, you said in your first post that elizabeth bain was murdered in 1992, well she disappeared on june 19th 1990, just to clear that up, maybe you meant 1992 as the year baltovichs' trial was taking place.
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Honest Man, you said back on page 3 that the Bains are a bunch of quacks,
omg lol, it appears you know the bains better than the kid does. and quacks is a pretty tame expression i think. however the biggest quack is mr. bain, and feel so sorry for the kids growing up in that house. yes they outright lied on the stand, and mr. bain is the main reason the prosecution had to give up on any possible re-trial and concede the acquittal.


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too bad the police will never reveal all of the witness sightings of liz and/or liz's car that night. what they kept hidden from the defense was truely a crime and they should have been held accountable, how does a person get a fair trial when the police can manipulate the evidence to fit there theory, instead of forwarding all the evidence and i mean all of it, so the evidence will find the truth.