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Robert Babicz @ Footwork

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Wowsers!! That was freaking amazing - what a set!

Been listening to his latest productions as well as podcasts and he's been nothing short of amazing. Such an original sound.

His set started at 2 am, but didn't really get into it until 3ish when it thinned out a bit. With all the pushing and bumping into people there really wasn't enough room to enjoy the music...

It's so rare to hear a DJ really takes you on a trip, and he was loving every moment of it. Usually I like more of a consistent beat to keep me moving too, but his long, drawn-out mixes were phenomenal. There were surprises around every corner - just when you thought he was gonna trance you out, he'd bring in a funky baseline. When you thought he'd build up, he'd throw in psychedelic noises to trip you out. When you felt the bass was gonna kick in, he'd build it up for another minute or two. A really unpredictable pleasure to listen to!

I can't believe I was there until his set was done and the lights turned on just after 5 am. Thanks Footy/Platform for an epic night of music!

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Nice one! Would have loved to go see him if there was real estate, as an enthusiastic dancer, cannot stand being sardined!

Also not lasting til 5am all that often these days..;)

But ya had room to dance and the gas to go all night when he dropped his set @ Harvest, so glad to hear he impressed here.... Definitely a basic pillar of my minimal/tech influences... Grabbed most of his Babicz output from like, 2004 to 2009. or so

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Wasn't impressed with Max Cooper. His set was mediocre a best. He played some tracks that were just percussion loops which just went on and on and on. Almost like he was purposely trying to bore the crowd.
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I'll give him another listen... Don't get me wrong - his whole set wasn't boring drum loops, just a few tracks near the end of his set. Maybe just building anticipation for Babicz?


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Late adding to this but thought Babicz was brilliant, and though Max Cooper's tracks were often good there was no flow to his PA.

Take a listen to Babicz' summer mix, lots of tracks on there that he played at FW.