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Robb G, Myka, Big League Chu, and Deko-Ze at Andy Poolhall

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by mmm, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. mmm

    mmm TRIBE Member

    Great DJs, great music, great venue, great vibe, awesome night!
    Unfortunately, I missed Robb G’s set, and only caught the tail end of Myka, but the crowd was really going when we got there. Big League Chu, as always played a stellar breaks set that just made everyone move, and packed the dancefloor. Deko-Ze kept an amazing level of energy going, playing banger after banger. It was a vinyl-only night, so there were some awesome classic tracks. Deko-Ze played an instrumental of “U Don’t Know Me,” and as the crowd sang the chorus, some guy got on the mic and sang the verse part.

    Not having been there in years, I forgot what a good venue it was. Nice, ambient lighting, great chillout area, good-sized dancefloor. There were quite a few people there who didn’t know that it wasn’t a regular night for Andy Poolhall, and they were definitely pleasantly surprised. Looking forward to more parties there!
  2. skyparty

    skyparty TRIBE Member

    Stumbled in there just in time for Dekoze's set and it was awesome!

    Loved the $5 cover! you can't beat that!
  3. Mrs. Pink

    Mrs. Pink TRIBE Member

    You can totally beat that. There are 5 ways.
  4. The Peej

    The Peej TRIBE Member

    What an AWESOME night!

    I knew it was gonna be good when myself and my camera walked in at 11pm to find a startling 2-1 Girl to Guy ratio. It was so evident that there were more girls then guys, that the first 4 people I said hi to opened with that very observation!


    Andy Poolhall is an AWESOME venue for a night like this, in that it's accessible, and very unpretentious. 5 Bucks?! Amazing... Location? Amazing. And because of the nature of the place (an actual pool hall / lounge) there's always a VERY healthy mix of scenesters to locals. Half of the crowd doesn't even know what DJ is playing! Which I think is REALLY good.

    The crowd singing along to "You Don't Even Know Me" at the tail end of the night REALLY sums up how awesome the energy was for the whole jam! SO MUCH FUN!

    Here's a few shots:







    Rest of the pics in Good Quality over here:

    Vinyl Only at Andy Poolhall - a set on Flickr

    Or for the social, tag oriented types. Feel free to ad me on Facebag:



    Last edited: Aug 4, 2010
  5. Dj Medley

    Dj Medley TRIBE Promoter

    AHhhhhh yes!!! So good. Andy Poolhall is the best!!!

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