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** robb g - jan 2010 promo mix **

Robb G

TRIBE Promoter
Lots of fun to make and full of CANCON :)


Download ROBB G_Jan 2010 Promo Mix.mp3 from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way

1. Stupid Fresh - Do The Dog (Robb G remix)
2. Curtis B - Play My Jam (Robb G remix)
3. Nom De Strip - Flapjack
4. Hatiras - Spaced Invaders (Robb G remix)
5. Dead End - Plastic Shell (Marten Horger remix)
6. Robb G & The Phat Conductor - Brouse Nation
7. Titan - Bruxism Groove (His Majesty Andre remix)
8. WoNK - Don't Give Up Disco (Robb G remix)
9. Curtis B - Play My Jam (Calvertron remix)
10. Robb G - Moop Shoop (Young Nutz remix)
11. Robb G - 12 Inch Therapy (Hishee Remix)
12. Robb G - Bassline Hook
13. Mike Dunn - Magic Feet
14. Matt Dublin - That Scream Track
15. Donald Glaude - Drive Me Crazy (Hot Pink Delorean remix)
16. Empire Of The Sun - Walking On A Dream (Punk Rolla remix)
17. DJ Heavygrinder - Bass Is My Boyfriend
18. Sharps - Girl Sweat (Robb G vs Electric Soulside remix)
19. Robb G - Chasing Trouble (TJR remix)
20. Pink's A Pad - Pink Is Back (Young Nutz remix)
21. Robb G vs WoNK - Wobble Gobble
22. DJ Misjah - Access (Robb G remix)
23. Acid Girls - Lightworks (Harvard Bass remix)
24. That Guy - Do You Like House
25. Katcha - Touched By God (D. Ramirez Breaks remix)

Thanks to Rob at RPG Photography for the pic> RPG PHOTOGRAPHY

Robb G

TRIBE Promoter
pls don't use external hosting sites...

Only cause you said please :)

Never had any issues with sendspace and upload/download from my site is sloooooow, but 'tis in the forum rulebook so fair enough. It's upping to my site as we speak, will have a direct link in 30 mins or so.
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wow, false expectations. I find this style of house really annoying. Sorry to each there own i guess.