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Robb G @ Charlie's 12/13/03

The Peej

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Big up the one like G-g-g-g-genya!!!

You rock the casbah erry time girl...

Big up ya chest!

Wikkid wikkid wikkid times!!

Robb G !!!! Dude!!! .... Spectacular as usual... you've never let me down brother!! I'm very sad to see you not play out...but follow your heart my friend... So glad your set was nice and freakin' long and we got in real quick! Thanks for the hookups man...


Grood times Grood times!!

Kinda not so busy when i first got there... but on SEVERAL occasions the heads just suddenly seemed to appear during a real funky dirty couple of tracks... I guess it was my first time at charlie's so I'm not used to a place with so much freakin' seating... but what a grogeous little spot... too bad you have to fight your way through the trance and silicone to get to it! It would be deadly if they just opened the little side door sometime.



The P33J


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Robb dude!!! you were on fire last night. sounded like a new record every 32 bars damn thats fast you packed in so many good tunes and sooooo many smooth mixes just goes to show why you have always been one of my favorite breaks djs. As the first person to really push me to listen to new styles of breaks and a mentor when I first started the black crack (no other record store would throw aside the good titles or tell me they have a bag of goodies waiting!) Just want to thank you for the years of knowledge of the breaks scene that you have given all of us, and I hope that just because you aren't spinning, I hope we will still see you out at the parties around T.O.
Good luck in all the adventures ahead and happy birthday once again!!!

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wooooaoaaaaaahhh......who gave me the camera??

Wicked night with great friends, thanks for the part-aaay Dan!!

it hurts to be awake right now.

Sugar D

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good times fo sho. :D

yikes that's a horrible picture of me! I look wasted!

[SIZE=0.5]probably because I was ...[/SIZE] :eek:
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I had a super time!! Big ups to Dan for the great night that he has going on. So glad I could finally make it out.

Happy Birthday to Robb and Monika!!! So happy that I could come out to hear Robb play his last set for a while...wicked set Robb...Loved it!! And I got to hear Monika's set for a short bit, but then I had to head out somewhere around 1:30ish over to System for Donald Glaude.

Thank you J-Mat for the CD. I had a good listen on my way home...and I LOve it!! Nice going!!