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Robb G and JELO!


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looking forward to this.

Robb G definitely kicked ass at the prodigy concert.

Jelo..... is Jelo

Well I'm definitely hyped up for this shit.

as always


le bricoleur

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the rest of the line up is tight to.
if people haven't seen the Beat Freakers before they're in for a definate treat.

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^^^ thanks!
looks like i'll be heading out to this one! can't wait!
bring on the breaks the hop and the funk..
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It's my girl friends Bee day that day, and she wants to see Rob G spin live... she always raves about Rob G, so me and my Gf will be going to this. You can't complain about this gig either. You have two guys that bring a lot of energy and amazing tracks to keep the night moving and shaking.
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Downstairs- Make It Funky Room
Farbsie vs Sunpredictable 10-11
Big League Chu 11-12
Quartertones 12-1
All Good Funk Alliance 1-315
Zirca 315-4

Upstairs main- "where?" room
Derekw 10-11
JustinTyce 11-12
The Beat Freakers 12-130
Jelo vs Robb G 130-3
The DirtBike Kid 3-4

Back Room-Funk on The Fly Room
Holiday 10-11
Joe Func' 30 11-1130
Tommy Gunners 1130-1230
Dave Dub 1230-115
Rollin Cash 115-2
chrisJames vs. Eklectik Dyslexik 2-3
Station 3-4
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