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Rob Ford Crack Video released


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I saw the followup video from the Globe.

It's true, the video lost its shock value because we all know what was said before. If anything, because he passed away in March, it framed the video even more towards "a human being who didn't have control of his own life" and who died a death partially related to his lifestyle.

Most viewers will have more pity than anger towards this video, but I don't think it'll have much of an impact on anything, aside from closing the Rob Ford chapter in a way that explains the whole thing - as an ugly & sad spectacle.


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The Star continues to milk the story for every page view it can get. Rob Ford was the best thing that ever happened to the Toronto Star.

Boss Hog

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I've seen a lot of sympathy for the dead shit online in the past few days. What about his family? What about addiction? What about he's dead?

Fuck all of that. The guy was a public figure who bullied people in city hall for years. He fucked over the city of Toronto on many levels for years to come. He lied about this whole scandal and played everyone all the while.

Who cares that he's dead? He did what he did. Being dead doesn't mean we can't talk about it.

And for the record, Jim Flaherty was a shit Finance Minister even though he's fucking dead too.

Fuck you dummies and fuck you 905ers who voted him. I hope they toll the fuck out of you for driving downtown to see Blue Jays games.
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fyi there's an amazingly detailed podcast about the Rob Ford years just started up called "The Gravy Train" - it's really good go check it out!