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Rob Babcock's Legacy


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So I was thinking yesterday about Babcock's tenure as GM of the Raps and for all the really boneheaded moves and things he said, he did do some good for the franchise. He took the heat for drafting Charlie V, who has impressed me, when people were lauding him for taking Joey Graham, who has has flashes of decent play but has mostly been a disappointment. He also pawned off Rafer Alston on Houston for Mike James, who I think has been a GREAT addition to the Raps this year. Babcock may have been a bonehead for signing Alston, but he did rectify the problem a year later and got us a much better player. The Mourning for Carter deal was a bit of a wash but we DID get rid of Wince when he stock was at an all time low and then he flipped Jalen's 16 million dollar salary to New York so I think we ended up getting the best of that one too.

Was Babcock really THAT bad? Other than drafting Hoffa, that is?
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Although unfair, I think the Carter trade will always classify his term here.

It's a trade he got raped in, but to be honest I don't think it's his fault as much as MLSE. (I never thought the trade was a good one, I was just happy to be rid of Wince) Not to mention I bet there was pressure from the board to dump him due to the media circus.

The guy was outclassed from the start. Not only as a rookie GM was he behind the 8-ball, but they drop him into the position a few weeks before his first draft. Then Peddie decides he knows how to run a basketball team and alienates the franchise player. Welcome to Toronto Mr Babcock!!!

I blame Hoffa not on Babcock, but Embry who took over for Grunwald and essentially did all the pre-draft work. The immediate results of that draft were Hoffa and Bonner, wheras the immediate results from Babcock's own draft were Charlie V and Joey Graham.

I think Babcock could have developed into a good executive. The stark contrast between his first and second years is startling, not only his drafting, but his management of the team and the coach, and his trades and signings.

I'm excited that we've got perhaps on of the finest minds in the NBA now behind our team in Colangelo, and the future is looking good, and wish Babcock all the best. I think he put in his time in Minnesota, and had he landed a GM job anywhere but the MLSE hell that is the Raptors, he'd of done fine and had a decent career.
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Yes, that is true, but Babcock didn't want to pull the trigger because the Knicks wanted a 1st rounder...

I'm just saying..I didn't mind Babcock actually, I didn't think he was given a fair shake...however, getting Colangelo was an obvious no brainer for the Raps.