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Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by *tranner*, Dec 3, 2001.

  1. *tranner*

    *tranner* TRIBE Member

    Anybody check this out? The palais is a pretty big place for no one to have made it.
  2. Sassy

    Sassy TRIBE Member

    I wish! Didn't make it to this jam, will definitely be at the next [​IMG]
  3. patio-d

    patio-d TRIBE Member

    Rn'B at Palais Royale was an incredible party.
    I got there at 11:30 and was a bit worried cuase the place was empty and it's a big venue... but by 1:30 the place was bumping... room to dance but it felt full. Abacus played from around 12 to 1:30 I'd say... a sweet soulful set with plenty of tribally drums thrown it. After that a woman came on stage and did a couple songs live... i wasn't loving the tracks but it's still cool to get that live vibe.
    I had to leave super early cause my girlfriend is a lightweight, but supposedly Dino & Terry ripped shit and the party just got better and better as it went on. Everybody was mad smiles, and looking super cool and funky... the decorations were wicked.
    I always seem to go through these stages where i get into different types of music for a bit and forget about real, proper, deep house... and then a good night at roxy or an Rn'B jam makes me feel like an idiot for forgetting where the best music and best parties reside.

    Milk and Rn'B are throwing a new years jam at palais royale... i was planning on going to Mount Real but I might just have to stay in the city.

    Oh yeah... cover was $20 but with that the guy at the door gave me a mix CD by one of the Rn'B residents (Hali maybe but i can't remember for sure)... wicked garage with a couple tracks that have been bouncing around in my head all day.
  4. HaliBubba

    HaliBubba TRIBE Promoter

    hey patio-d..

    i wish i was a resident of rnb. *sigh* ;-) I believe it was Ali Black's CD... and not me, Hali. He's really good though so i'm sure it's a great cd.
  5. JuJuHound

    JuJuHound TRIBE Member

    Whoaaa!!! wat a paty!!!!!!!

    Great locale, first time at the Royale, good vibe, good crowd. Abacus was wicked, and the trumpet/bongo dude was awesome. Everything he did, it fit perfecty to the muzic.

    Leave it to RNB to throw another great party.
  6. KiX

    KiX TRIBE Member

    What the? Milk + RnB + New Years + Palais Royale? Oh god that's dangerous. Soo tempting.

    =tina= <--misses house jams [​IMG]
  7. echootje

    echootje TRIBE Member

    Serious?!?! I am so there! free tix and all!
  8. echootje

    echootje TRIBE Member

    Oh yeah, btw I wasn't there... Palaia was too out of the way to make an easygoing night of it, went to Clean.Fun (see revue in forum)... hope it was a mad bash, I miss RnB parties.

  9. dot.communist

    dot.communist TRIBE Member

    Great party. Packed-- yet plenty of room to dance. No parking ticket either. Splendid.


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