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RNB - Resolution 2001

Par- T

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This is for Booty Bits who was looking for a review of this party ... Sorry but I just haven't had the time to write one yet - its on its way.

Stay tuned....

Booty Bits

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nice one par-t, thanks!
modified and reposted from the house room:

i had a blast. music was incredible, i never hear that kind of deep house when i'm out. it was really making me wanna go crazy, dancing like mad, doing alot of head shaking in disbelief. i've been listening to funk, motown and disco nonstop for about a month, and this was pretty much in the same vein. the music wouldn't let you stand still.
however, the club was extremely hot and overcrowded, two things i despise.
there were about 200 too many people there. and a large percentage of people were tanked, and if female, staggering around on their innapropriate footwear. did anyone else notice the disproportionate amount of girls wearing trashy red and pink outfits? there were everywhere... i dunno.
when the crowd and heat got unbearable, i found par-t dancing near the open doors... ahhh a draft and some dancing space! that was actually my favourite part of the night. its all about the cold drafts.
i cant believe how tired and sore i was, hindering my ability to really dance myself into the next millenium.
so my verdict: friendliest security i have ever seen. greatest music at a club/party in a long time. the venue itself (Embryus Nightlife) is really nice... i would really like to go back to see it with less people in it! there were stone fireplaces, hardwood floors, long bars and nice lighting.
way too many people and not enough room to dance. but you can't have it all.

happy new year everyone.
best wishes for health and happiness.

Booty Bits

Par- T

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Well I finally got around to doing a review for this:


Got to the club Embryus Nightlife (where do they get these names?), after meeting-up with Dlerium, to find no line up at all, got in and checked coats quickly and found the place almost empty at 11:30. A little wandering around to see what the place was like, since I hadn't been there before: Its a nice club, open area for dancing, lounge area in the front with fireplace, seating and a bar on sides, DJ booth at the back behind (bulletproof ??) glass. Upstairs was similar but with the DJ booth on side and a walled off lounge/library/bar/den type affair at the front. Snowflake themed decorations though the main floor gave the festive spirit.

Felt sorry for the DJ's, (Mike Cordeiro & Soul Immigrants) playing to nobody upstairs dancing and very few downstairs. Not until after midnight did more people arrive, but at least there was lots of room to dance. The highlight of the night was definately the live PA by West Magnetic who rocked the place with an excellent set of funky/techy house - everyone looked very happy and were either going off or watching him work his magic. Nick Holder followed with a more deep house set, 1st rate work as always, keeping the groove going till the 4:00am end.
Nick even showed some interest in our Ritika, don't think she got anywhere with him but you'll have to get the details from her.


Wanted to arrive earlier this night but ended up getting to the club at 11:30 as usual for me (I can't get anywhere early, mental block- what can you do
) only to find a lineup down the street. Ack, what could be worse than spending NYE stuck standing outside in a line! At 11:45 they anounced that the small coat check was full, so the line sped right up as they just let people walk right in. Didn't want to be stuck hanging onto a bright orange parka all night long - thankfully found a spot behind a speaker and got to the bar to get a drink. The clock struck 12 while I was squashed trying to place an order, managed to get a free glass of Champagne (I think it was meant for someone else but screw 'em) and my drink - so now the party could begin.

The main action at this time was upsairs - more decorations that before and a stage at the back of the room. The party was pumpin' with the King Sunshine live house band playing some funky/soulful house to many smiling inebriated people - its New Years what do you expect! Didn't get to see/hear as much as I would have liked as they stopped about 1:00am, but what I did sounded good. Spent the rest of the night bouncing between floors to hear Ax:us work the decks upstairs, this guy's tunes always take me on a wonderful smooth trip, and Andre Harris downstairs. At some point Mark Grant came on and really got me sweaty right till the end at 6:00am, deep, funky, and some techy house - smile smile smile
Got so hot in there with the wall to wall people and not much air-con, so I ended up partying by the doors for the cool air comming in from outside.
Nice to see you out and about Liz, too bad about your foot keeping you from going all out, but you looked like you weren't letting it stop you.

Verdict: 2 excellent nights of sweet house music to ring in the new year, glad I decided to do both nights ($45 for all of the above - how can you loose?). I think this might become a tradition for me- I did RNB last year Y2K, and for Y2K+1, not disapointed either time - looking forward to RNB Resolution 2002 - I'll be there.