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RnB Productions @ Embyrus Mar. 17th


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WHOA! What a night!!

It's a shame we got there so late (1am), and why wasn't this posted in the Upcoming section? Rasoul was playing the funkiest soulfullest house on the planet. This was my second RnB party and definately not my last. The previous one was also at Embryus but I guess word got out this time and all the dressed up geezas were nowhere to be seen, a good and VERY energetic comfortably dressed crowd in attendance with all smiles and giggles. I think I was high on life that night but I couldn't stop dancing from the minute I got in the club!

The only problem with the venue would be that they started evacuating people at 4-5 am (I think), I would have gone to an afterhours but somebody needed a lift home so I took them, and then watched the sun come up and talked with another friend for a good 2 hours. Wicked evening, and happy St Patrick's Day

<b>**THANKS RNB!**

(Were any tribers out there? I was wearing the white-camoflage hat and doing my complete nut when there were openings in the dance floor downstairs)

echootje (rob)

that 420 guy

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i was there and lovin it.

rnb parties are stylish events. soulful sexxy house to accompany the sexxxy partiers.

everyone was so friendly i didn't even think twice about leaving my jacket behind the sofas...which were leather and comfy as hell.

the firplaces were a nice touch, but they increased the temperature in the place significantly. pretty, but not conducive for a crowd of hot dancing yuppies *grin*

i will definitely be at the next rnb event.

pese and breakbeatz

- that federal sound guy


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GAH!! Does nobody like House music? RnB? Is this a tribe-endorsed-event only board??!


Wasn't anybody there?


Phat Trick

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I was there, but I hated it!!
Although my first love is breaks, I grew up on house.
I like soulful, vocal, house that makes me happy and want to shake my ass. It seemed to me the music was very monotonous and just dragged on. This was on the second floor at around 1 am.
The place was nice but it was too crowded and too hot!( didn't they realize that fireplaces are for heat?! how hard is it to turn them off?)
anyways...I really enjoyed the RNB party I went to at Atlantis, but this one just didn't fly.
that's all
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I wasn't down with the party either! First of all the venue reminded me of some preppy college pub with the fireplaces... What was that about? I mean you are throwing a party in which dancing is the biggest part of the night, and after only being there for 1/2 hr I got so heat exhausted, I almost passed out...(Not kidding!) The low ceilings made me feel claustrophobic, which prohibited me to enjoy the music. The music was pretty flat hence no grooven for me.
Allantis was the bomb party... I could breath...
Sorry this party just didn't tickle my fancy...


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Sorry to hear that...

Yeah I agree with you Embryus has to do something about ventilation upstairs but it was well nice downstairs. I think the music was better there too... hope it hasn't scarred your opinion of RnB parties. Next time come out with me, good company makes the best kind of night out