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RJD2 w/Aceyalone - Feb 25th


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i'm seriously considering this, but TERRIFIED that i'm going to drop the cash for it, and see the EXACT SAME SHOW for the third time....

anyone who has any heads up on what he'll be playing this time around? if it's the same as the last two times, i'd rather just save my cash and try to remember the experience from the first time when it was fucking awesome.



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deevah - i might just take you up on that...

james, you going?

as long as i don't hear the 'apple, banana, or a coke" game and the theme from the legend of zelda this time, i'll walk away happy.

(did you go to the last two shows, dude?)


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it's not an rjd2 performance, it's an rjd2 + aceyalone performance

they just released an album together ..
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terrawrist III

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jess, grab the magnificent city disc...I skimmed through it and it seems good.

I've seen both seperate twice and to be honest I'm not a major fan of Acey...although the RJD2 production is the best he's had since the freestyle fellowship days of yore

I'm holding on to my money for the Jukie show!