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RJD2 - Since We Last Spoke (new album!)


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This is the third post I have made on the subject...why? Because I can, clownboats!

Anyways, the promo is out, run you little fatties, run your waddle run like there was a big cake where you were running!

Here is the tracklist

01.Since We Last Spoke 04:15
02.Exotic Talk 03:44
03.Since 76 02:27
04.Ring Finger 03:48
05.Making Days Longer 04:36
06.Someones Second 04:29
07.To All of You 05:09
08.Iced Lightning 04:30
09.Clean Living 04:07
10.Intro 01:10
11.Through the Walls 03:28
12.One Day 04:50

And now here is Megacle (like monocle but bigger)


RJD2 makes his monocle fly off in amazement
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wayne bradbury

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I only heard a couple of tracks by RJD2 and they were great. I did see an EP at HMV a while ago for a ridiculous price of $29.99 so I didn't buy it.
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