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Rita Raga - Universal Awakening


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'Universal Awakening' is the latest Progressive Psytrance DJ mix from Polish Artist & DJ,
Rita Raga and, as featured on Psylicious Radio's Valentines show.

Track Listing:

01: Hedflux - Fractal Funk (Original Mix)
02: Kyu and Moonstar - Deeper Winter’s Call
03: Solar Spectrum - FX Gallore
04: Ascent - Pagans
05: Zentura - Nova Era
06: Suntree - Light Of Darkness
07: Egorythmia - Obeya
08: E-Clip Vs Zen Mechanics - Sundowning (Original Mix)
09: Ascent & Nature - Spiritualism
10: 3 Of Life - Santa Catarina (Original Mix)

Listen: Click Here

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