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Riss~K & Lady Linzee @ Activate


TRIBE Member
After a solid break, it was GREAT to be back! The weather sure didn't hold off the masses..there was an awsome crowd.

Both ladies played awsome...however I wasn't able to sick around for the closing set.

Good to see Lucy and Michie out finally...welcome, and you can kiss your Thursdays goodbye ;)

dj Red Turtle

TRIBE Promoter
I went. I danced. I had fun. Activate Wednesday is my weekly staple. Keep the fun going.

Be sure to check out next week when I hit the decks.

Jon Tremblay

TRIBE Member
wow.....I'm so happy so many of you came out last night in such crappy weather, just another example of our kick ass partiers!


TRIBE Member
Thanks Activate!

I am so sorry its taken me some time to write a review - think perhaps I am still recovering from the fun last week <smile>

Walked into Element - as the b-day girl was warming things up nicely - it was a little quiet to start off but as soon as 11:30 hit all of a sudden I looked around and the place was packed! So nice to see so many familiar faces out ... and damn you for buying me too many shots <smile>

The crowd was loving the big tracks ... and you can't help but smile when you hear the cheers of your dearest friends <Smile> Thanks guys for braving the snow and coming out to support!

It was great to finally have the pleasure of playing at Activate Wednesdays - a great crew, with a great following with a great thing going! Keep it up - and hope to see you soon!

Linds x :D
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