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Rise @ The Drink (London)


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ok. so Stacey Pullan ripped it up last night. what a disgrace that only 16 people decided to listen. LAME!
What are you saying!?!

I was stuck in Toronto on Thursday night, would've loved to have been at this party - John Acquaviva AND Stacy Pullen.

I have been waiting to hear how AWESOME this party was and how rammed it was. Now, you're telling me that no one showed up to respect this awesome line up? Shame is right.
What's up Patio D?

I checked out the majority of Stacey Pullen's set on Thursday...it was awesome you're totally right. The question remains though why would there be more people checking out Greg Benz in the small room then witnessing one of the Godfather's of Techno in action?

Aquaviva threw down a perfect set as always...this event could have been a lot better if the attendance was a little better...but I'm sure that AMP is gonna rebound and pack the place for Mr. Donald Glaude in a couple of weeks.


16 people?
I have never heard Stacy Pullen, and I missed my chance again 'cause I was stuck in TO like C-Dot...

It just breaks my heart to hear people who could go didn't....
okay... this is gonna be interpreted as negativity but whatevs:
the last time Stacey Pullen played in London was at Cosmic Circus and he sucked ass. people expected alot more than what was given that night.

so...therefore, maybe some of the london heads didnt want to see him again. and the younger crowd cropping up in town probably has never even heard of him.

just my opinion.

oh, and the thing about greg benz packing the place: london's scene is like a fairweather friend. remember when london was ALL about mistress barbara? theres always that random DJ (not in reference to ability or talent) who the entire city falls in love with. i think benz is getting his turn in the spotlight!

london....... such a bizarre little place. i need out.

oh and pat, you're a jerk for not showing up on friday night. :p

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I was there and it was dead. I think the reason for it being so dead tho is because of Mid Terms. I guess everyone stayed home to study. At least that is what I think may be the reason why no one was there. On the plus side it was nice not standing in line for 2 hours like me and my friend did at the Dj Dan night. (which I may say was total crap)....the standing in line...not the party itself.