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Rise *London*

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by JEMZ, Jan 12, 2001.

  1. JEMZ

    JEMZ TRIBE Member

    The good news... Max Graham was there with a big smile as always.
    The bad news... Max's records weren't there at all.

    It appears yet another Dj had their records lost in transit. I dunno, I think if I was an international DJ, my toothbrush bag and luggage would go in cargo and I would sit with my records on my lap, I mean they are a DJ's means of getting paid. No worries though, Greg Benz was there to fill the gap, and fill it he did.

    Music ranging from melodic trance to down-right dirty stomping progressive beats Greg played a seamless set (not bad for a guy who thought he was only playing and hour and a half so had probably a few too many vodka OJ's).

    The venue. I can't believe Core FX is the same place as the Ichabod's and Go-Go of years of yore. Classy decor, intelligent lighting, upper level seating area, smooth (not too loud) sound system, perfectly elevated Dj booth, pool tables. I must say I was totally impressed.

    The crowd. This was the highlight of my night. I thought London town was slipping a bit in it's attitude, but last night I realized that the people I was used to partying with back in the day simply didn't come out that much... and last night they did. Good vibes all around, no meatheads, drug addicts, OD cases... none of the bullshit which unfortunately has become the norm instead of the exception. People were smiling, cheering and apologizing if they stepped on you foot. I am a very happy dude.

    Cheers to Amir for a great night, to Greg Benz (a DJ everybody has to check out soon) and he's a pretty good guy too. Cheers to Marco @ Velocity Design for the wickedest flyer concept I have seen in years. To the London Massive, everything we complain about was non-existent last night.

    So I hope PartyKid Corey doesn't mind, but I am going to borrow his party meter and give this one a 9/10, lost one point because of no headliner, other than that minor glitch, a wicked night. A good start to an awesome couple of weeks coming up the the forrest city. See Ya here.
    Jamie [​IMG]
  2. Greg Benz

    Greg Benz TRIBE Member

    I agree, last night was one of the best crowd's I've seen in London for awhile. everybody was ready to party! It sucks about Max's records though.

    Thanks to everybody that came out and made it a great opening night and I'll see you next week!

    Jamie, Saturday Windsor round 2!!

  3. Kung Po Beef

    Kung Po Beef TRIBE Member

    Jemz, I thought you of all people would know that airlines do not allow records cases as personal luggage. They must be checked, either too large or too heavy or both.
    Funny, I thought for sure you would have wished on Max at least a sprained wrist for this.
  4. AMP

    AMP TRIBE Member

    It was amazing to see so many people out last night.

    It brought back memories of the early LUSH days... In fact I saw people last night that I haven't seen since those days.

    I must say I was nervous starting a regular thursday night in London again.
    Club nights in London haven't been up to par as compared to last year.

    But if anything last night confimred the famous quote "IF YOU BUILD IT THEY WILL COME"

    Thanks to everyone who came out and supported our opening night.

    I have a feeling many of them were surprised by the way CORE FX looked, flet and sounded last night. [​IMG]

    It only gets better from here, hope to see you all next week.


    Max promised us a make-up date, I think he was more upset than anyone else in the club for not being able to play.
    It was nice of him to hang out a party with us, many people appriciated his presence and his company there.
  5. JEMZ

    JEMZ TRIBE Member

    Funny you would have though I knew that but I didn't thanks for the lesson. Learn something every day.
  6. Preroller

    Preroller TRIBE Member

    I agree with the above posts. [​IMG] What a fun night. The people that were there, were the highlight for me as well. Lots of [​IMG] If anyone needs to find me on a thursday, just drop by the Core FX! That place is going to be packed for Hawtin. I don't think that those banners on the dance floor will last too long unless they are raised up a bit. (red ones) [​IMG] Great tunes, great people, great fun. See yaz at Myka.
  7. JEMZ

    JEMZ TRIBE Member


    Here's some photos from the evening
  8. AMP

    AMP TRIBE Member

    Funny how I have visit the tribe site to see pictures from this party!
    I haven't seen these yet.

    By the way thank to everyone who came out for Myka, another wonderful night.

    The rise web site will be up by mid next week.
    There will be lots of pictures and reviews for everyone to check out.

    see you all at DJ heather.


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