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rise/bluesky ~ london massive kru ~sept29, 2k

that 420 guy

TRIBE Member
there is a reason why london is considered a party school...it is a bubble that you enter, and when you are conscious enough you leave it.

i cannot describe the feeling driving on the 401 and seeing the 'london 24' sign. it's a little buzz because you know that london is not really 24clicks away at all, more like about two signs. you get all excited to be in london and you arrive there before the sign said you should. call me silly, but that is when i know i am entering the bubble.

the main party was really more of a pre party.


because due to some shady politricks goin on in the london scene, the venue where rise and bluesky were to hold the event would only give them the space until 3am. that's right, the party ended at 3am! something about a promotion company claiming that they were throwing a charity skip rope event there the week before, and then showed up with decks and speakers... gah, it's hard to find venues anywhere.

the venue itself was the dutch community centre way the f@ck out in southeast london (average $30 cab ride from the university). it was very warm in there, but enough space to dance. to our surprise, there was no lineup to get in at 1am. then again, the party started at 9.

downstairs was jungle and dnb provided by my man satish (sara tonin) and sherlock. it's good to see you guys keepin the vibe alive.

i ran into booty bits, and to my surprise she wasn't a veloptuos nubian princess married to my friend jake. actually, she wasn't even the proper skin tone. i thought booty bits was another london friend named liz, hell i was convinced she was (same mistake naomi made). it was great to finally meet you liz.

freest booty bits that 420 guy

upstairs, i caught the end of dave ralph's set and all of max graham's set. max played some great hard trance which set the tone for the rest of the evening/morning...trance trance and more trance.

max graham and jason benson

it was great to see so many old faces still keepin the london vibe alive. whut you people still doin there anyways? aren't you supposed to graduate or somethin?

the vibe was pure london. so accepting, so many people apologizing to you when you bump into them. no thug attitudes at all. that's whut i love about london.

many new faces as well. of course they're new to me, i haven't lived there in over a year. i'll point this out once and that's it. one of the greatest things that i loved about the london scene was that it was in a university town. almost all of the partiers that made up the london massive kru were university students. sure we may party our asses off, alter our realities, but you knew everyone was pretty much in london for post secondary education. that was one of the biggest changes i noticed in london. yes i know i am getting old, but you don't realize how old 25 is until you meet a 14year old first time raver who is there with her 22yr old brother. daaam! what do you say? in her altered state i know she wouldn't take well to a scolding...but then again who the hell am i to make the choice for this girl?

my only words of advice were 'the people plus the music equals the vibe. everything else is extraneous'...maybe i shouldn't have said extraneous (silly stats major). then i gave her a hug and wished her a great night.

that was the biggest change i noticed in the london scene. but then again, maybe i'm just an old alumni trying to tell you how things were back in my day when you could name everyone in the london massive...hell, you could fit them all in lacy's! *bwahahahaha*

...and before you knew it, the party was over. 3am hit, everyone left for the after party at the old sinnz nightclub.

- that to be continued guy

that 420 guy

TRIBE Member
there definitely was a lineup outside of the afterparty. organization at the door was ridiculous! you cannot organize a mob of people from inside the club. otherwise, people will crowd the door and when it opens, they will try to push themselves in.

eventually, they place a bouncer outside of the club to organize the impatient line.

now this after party was really the party of the evening. that's cause you knew you had until 4pm to party!

we stopped off at my friend's place to celebrate 4:20 before attending the after party.

this was my first time at the blue room the former sinnz nightclub. the setup was nice, a large enough dancefloor, a chill out area, and an outdoor patio where jungle played until the early morning =)

and guess what the most popluar style of music was at the after party? i must admit though, greg benz played some slammin trance tracks. kudos greg for making the trek back from windsor to play this party.

greg benz

i was overjoyed to run into some maaad old skuul london massive kru. hell, shane and i are proud owners of london massive sweats...we made them to see what they'd look like before trying to sell them. we only made two.

shane russel muthf@cka and norm

the london vibe continued until 1pm when i left. many people had left by then, but there were a few of us still dancing.

london massive kru was in full effect for this jam.

i'm glad to have heard dj madhatter drop some jungle beats in the main room at the end of the night/afternoon. a great break from the trance assault i manoeuvred (sp?) through all evening. nice work robb

props to amir and danny for pullin it off safely and memorably. i always love the first big jam of the school year.

it was a pleasure to breath the london vibe. maybe we'll do it again next year.

click here to see brazen hussies abusing the dreaded marihuana plant...and more pix of the party!

- that lmk '94 till infinity guy

Booty Bits

TRIBE Member

yeah it was a total blast that night..... and it was wonderful to meet norm and echo... its nice to surprise someone like that!
sherlock and sara tonin rocked the hard jam at the (pre)party. i unfortunately couldn't be bothered to wait in that ridiculous line that norm spoke of above.

anyway, the party was PURE london through and through. it felt good to feel good about a party again, do you know what i mean?

and yes norm, in the few short years that i have been partying in london, the average age has dropped dramatically. i used to boast about the mature partiers in london, but i am afraid that it doesn't apply too much anymore.

and one more thing: Rob is DJ Doublecross, who was surely playing the dnb you spoke of. and angus is DJ Madhatter, a breaks DJ.....another case of mistaken identity??

ahhh good times good times

Booty Bits

a.k.a. the caucasian, unmarried, non-surfer chick named Liz who also thinks Jake is pretty dope-fly

DJ Doublecross

TRIBE Member
Madhatter? MADHATTER? I'm insulted! To think that I'd be mistaken for that bum... I challenge you to a duel!

No, but that really was me up there, not Angus. I believe he was playing much earlier, around 4am or so. I didn't even show up at the afterparty until noon! I wish I had, but my couch was just a tad too comfortable.

All in all though, the party was really good, all the familiar faces were there. I love looking at those pictures and recognizing a fair percentage of the people... you can't get that anywhere else!

I can't wait for the next big party.


that 420 guy

TRIBE Member
robb = doublecross
angus = madhatter

my bad! my bad! my bad!

please accept my sincere apologies, as i will never make that mistake again!

i got your real name right tho, eh rob? no doubt about it! eh?

- that mistaken identity guy
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Well, I missed the party. I was in Windsor with Greg, Shane, and Nabob. Greg played a slammin' set opening for Anne Savage, whom also rocked it. I arrived at the after party at 9:13AM and it was jumping. I left at 9:34AM because I was exausted but I got to see everyone I wanted to. Norm, t'was a pleasure as always.


TRIBE Member
...ummm yeah..all that Norm said and some more!

London parties never disappoint

I keep tellin my TO friends that they have to come to london to party....and they keep missing out!

It was wicked meeting Booty Bits and Blueker!
It is such an awesome feeling to have someone walk up to you and say "hey are you (insert TBK nickname here) from the tribe board?"

I just love putting faces to names

Thanks london kru....keep smiling and be proud of the vibe that you all emenate

Jamie...sorry I missed ya hun! Next time !

XOXO echo


TRIBE Member
Oh..and how could I forget...Angus the breaks were great hun! What a welcome change from all that trance stuff!

Rob, I was just way too tired to hang around all day at the afterparty, but I heard you spun a wicked set as well....



TRIBE Member
the PEOPLE + the music = the vibe ... so great to see some of the old London faces... and even better to convince some of those who have left to come back
when people are willing to drive from ottawa for a party that ends @ 3 am... there's gotta be an incredible vibe to make the drive worthwhile... London rarely dissappoints... and as long as i'm stuck here... i'll keep dragging ya back

7 years in london and not tired yet

... and all it cost me was a case of strep throat...


TRIBE Member
I haven't been able to log on to this site since before this party, I don't know what happened but I'm glad it's back.

Ya it was nice finally meeting people from the board, hi Amy, Norm and Angus!

I missed Madhatter's set but I'll get my ass to the Blue Room on a Wed. night soon enough. (Angus: what's the address to that local message board? Thanks in advance!)

Soooo many wicked people at this party! And familiar faces too. The music upstairs was really good, Max Graham kicks ass! I swear they shut down the party right when everyone was going off! but we kept it going in the car! Downstairs was a nice change, it wasn't as hot, chill beats, relaxing. I swear I heard some trip hop down there, or did I?

I had a really good time at the after party, but didn't dance as much because I needed some hard house or somethin'! I stayed until 8 and then went to work for the whole day, that's always fun! This was one of the better London parties in a while. I'll probably see some of you this weekend.

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that 420 guy

TRIBE Member
Originally posted by stride:
the PEOPLE + the music = the vibe ... so great to see some of the old London faces... and even better to convince some of those who have left to come back
when people are willing to drive from ottawa for a party that ends @ 3 am... there's gotta be an incredible vibe to make the drive worthwhile... London rarely dissappoints... and as long as i'm stuck here... i'll keep dragging ya back

7 years in london and not tired yet

... and all it cost me was a case of strep throat...
heheeh.....and so a lurker comes out of lurkdom to post

good to have you on the board [load]stride.

it's always good to know that someone from my first year of university is still in london...that gives me a place to stay every time i want to return to the bubble.

suzie yvette eva stride shawn

hey stride, the race is on....will i make my first million before you get your phD? i'm aiming for 2002.

- that moolionaire guy

Joseph William

New Member
I would like to personally thank all that came out to support this event.

I played from 9-12 in the main room with Milo (Dustin H), and had a great time. We tried not to bang it out(hence the term "warmup"), out of respect for Dave, and from what we spoke about and his reactions he really enjoyed what he heard.

Thanks again to those who were there and supported Dustin and myself. It means alot.

Take care,

Joseph William

Angus Robinson

TRIBE Member
Despite some of the difficulties encountered by the promoters, this party still turned out well. It looked like everyone was having a wicked time!

Olga: Twas good meetin you. I have links to a bunch of London message board in the links section of my website www.djmadhatter.com

Rob: I accept your duel. How bout a drinking contest at the Blue Room on wednesday? Bring it on!! And BTW, you should not be insulted, but rather honoured that someone thought that you were me. After all, everyone knows that Doublecross sucks!

Boo ya!!

-Angus the madhattah


TRIBE Member
Props to everyone that was involved.

Jo, I heard you and Dusty had a pumpin set.
Keep it up!

Its great to hear the London Vibe is rocking hard!

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