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RIP Nexus One

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Aerius Zension, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. Aerius Zension

    Aerius Zension TRIBE Member


    Despite coming in second in ReadWriteWeb's 2010 Best of the Web poll, the sales numbers for Google's Nexus One were dismal. In the same amount of time it took Apple to sell 1 million iPhones, Google only sold 135,000 of the Android-powered Nexus.

    Now, Google is discontinuing the Nexus One altogether. On July 16, the company announced that it received its final order from the phone's manufacturer, HTC.

    The Android ecosystem as a whole is in no danger. There are a host of phones available running on that platform. By one measure, Android is even outpacing iOS. But the Nexus One was the Google phone, as opposed to simply an Android phone. Perhaps Google has found manufacturing and marketing hardware is outside their comfort zone.

    nexus_one_logo_jan09.jpgLike all situations in which a product is gone forever, it's not gone forever. Customers will still be able to buy the Nexus One in Europe and developers will be able to lay their hands on it for the time being.

    "Nexus One will continue to be sold by partners including Vodafone in Europe, KT in Korea, and possibly others based on local market conditions. To ensure our developers have access to a phone with the latest Android OS, Google will be offering the Nexus One through a partner for sale to registered developers."

    Customer service will still be provided for the Nexus One, even after it is no longer available from Google.

    In other "discontinued smart phone" news, WMExperts reports that all Kin phones remaining at retailers are being sent back to Microsoft beginning today. What will be done to them is anyone's guess.

    I wonder what a certain triber will say about that?
  2. Eclectic

    Eclectic TRIBE Member

  3. glych t.anomaly

    glych t.anomaly TRIBE Member


    i have a collectors item NOW ! well not really but its funny.
    The nexus one is a great phone, but there are lots of devices sporting Android, and they are only getting better.

    by the time i need an upgrade, there will hopefully be some decent devices available to the canadian market, and since the HTC Desire is coming to Telus, the Nexus One's sister device, why worry?

    and in the mean time i still enjoy 2.2 and all featured platform updates first.

    its the OS, not so much the device ;) ( even if it is awesome )

    hope i didnt disappoint :p

  4. Dialog

    Dialog TRIBE Member

    "Much as Steve Jobs says the Judas Phone has no antenna problems, Eric Schmidt says the Nexus One was "so successful, we didn't have to do a second one." When Google announced the Nexus One, it said the handset belonged to a new class of "super phone" and boasted that in punting the phone solely through the web, it would fundamentally change the way phones are sold.

    But it was far from a super phone. After more than five months, according to reports, it had sold a mere 500,000 devices, and plans for additional carriers to join T-Mobile in offering service for the Nexus One via the Google webstore were shelved.

    With the Nexus One, Google was competing with its own Android partners, and according to one report, at least some of these partners weren't too happy about it."

    Google Nexus One spends dying days as dev phone

    and from the linked article

    "During Tuesday's press conference, after Google unveiled what is hardly an earth-shattering phone, one reporter asked where the revolution was. Where was the Gizmo5 VoiP? Where was the Google Voice? Where was the iPhone killer? But clearly, Google is aiming for much more than just a nifty handheld. It wants an army of nifty handhelds, from countless manufacturers, running on countless wireless networks - and it wants all of them running ad-happy Google apps.

    Yes, the Nexus One name is a Philip K. Dick reference. But it should also tell you something about Google's plans for the future."

    Google to mobile industry: ‘F*ck you very much!’
  5. atomic

    atomic TRIBE Member

    As a Nexus 6, Roy Batty had a four-year lifespan. So in keeping with the reference, Google's phone is about on par.
  6. bootyhunta

    bootyhunta TRIBE Promoter

    It's not really shocking considering they did virtually no marketing of the product whatsoever.

    It really is a great phone and I'm happy I grabbed one when it was available.
  7. xtcfreak

    xtcfreak TRIBE Member

    So what is a good Android phone for Rogers or one coming in the near future?

    The X10 looked good, but it is lacking the Android updates - ie it is still on 1.6 and only 2.1 on its way.

  8. DJ Vuvu Zela

    DJ Vuvu Zela TRIBE Member

    what a bust.
  9. glych t.anomaly

    glych t.anomaly TRIBE Member

    dont go with anything on rogers, they all suck balls.

    switch to telus and get the HTC Desire when it becomes available, its basically the Nexus One.

    my buddy Drew looked for 2 weeks, and couldnt find a decent device marketed in CA on any of the providers, and bought a Nexus.

  10. alexd

    alexd Administrator Staff Member

    My besties brother has one. It was very slick ans had a nice feel to it. also the reception was great and you didn't need a case or hold it a certain way to make calls. I actually thought of getting one myself but it was a bit rich for me. ended up with a nokia e71 which i am happy with.

    It is nice to see them put out a great product like that but I guess google decided to refocus on its core skills and revenue streams
  11. xtcfreak

    xtcfreak TRIBE Member

    ahh crap ! I still have 2 years left on my contract. :(

  12. glych t.anomaly

    glych t.anomaly TRIBE Member

    that sucks...

    if i were you i would grab the Nexus then before they are all sold out from the google store, and ride out your contract with that, then when your contract is up, the Canadian market will have had time to catch up, and there will be at least a decent amount of devices available.

    Currently there is the Milestone aka Motorolo Droid, and the Desire with Telus.
    Rogers has the XperiaX10 and some other moe garbage phones, but they will not upgrade to 2.2 afaik, and they are going to be limited to the 2.1 in the near future.

    fido has no android devices.

    Bell i am not sure of, but as far as i can tell, dont seem to have anything promising.

    so essentially, i would say, unless you wanted to get someone in the states to get you a locked phone, that you would have to ' root ' so you can have it on whatever carrier you want, i would say get the Nexus One, its unlocked, is already sporting 2.2 Froyo, Flash, et all, and will be the first devices to get 2.3 Gingerbread which is supposed to be coming out the end of this year.

  13. glych t.anomaly

    glych t.anomaly TRIBE Member

    Whon Whon


    hope everyone that wanted one, got one, seems the last of them are gone :)

  14. Jam

    Jam TRIBE Member

    My current contract ends in september and I was going to get a Nexus one at that time, so this is disappointing news for me..

    I'm reading that the HTC Desire from telus is basically an identical phone, except that it's stuck on 2.1 while the N1 was at 2.2, is that correct?

    Should I be scrambling to try and grab one of the N1 from ebay or something now, or will there be a comparable android offering available in canada by the time september comes around?
  15. dstarr

    dstarr TRIBE Member

    My biggest hope for the Nexus One was that it was going to help shake people out of the habit of buying subsidized handsets in return for 3 year contracts (2 in the US).

    I did some research a few months ago and only 5-10% of North American phones are sold unlocked, when it's upwards of 80% in the rest of the world.

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