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RIP Lou Reed

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Lucky to see him live a couple of times in the 80s. It's a bummer, but 71 years isn't too bad for doing lots of heroin, qualuudes, booze, having sex with transvestites etc.
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I didn't realize he was married to Laurie Anderson.

Saw him once at Massey Hall. One of the Greats.



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it's "colored" girls ... we never did find out from Lou exactly what colour those girls were. I mean he was on a lot of drugs at the time, they could've been pink with purple polka dots for all we know.

Anyhoo, RIP to one of New York's greatest.


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I imagine everyone from Bowie to U2 to Springsteen to Arcade Fire to Everyone is already scrambling ass backwards in competition as to who gets to do the official tribute at next year's Grammys

Anyways RIP Lou