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RIP Kenny Quinn aka pr0nstar on TRIBE.


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I didn't know Kenny but after reading through this thread (and now tribute) I see he was loved by many and sadly missed.

rest peacefully


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One of the things I remarked several times over the last decade with Kenny is what things that could have promoted more negativity in another person just didn't with him, that simple tendency towards being good natured seemed to prevail. I think this is a part of why people universally remember him being a nice guy, whatever their level of interaction. It saddens me that good nature had to be tested against this.

thank you for saying it. it's a completely unfair thing, how positive Kenny was in the face of adversity in his life, and still, he was taken too early.

his legacy is a reminder to us all to enjoy the time we have, and that caring about other people is what keeps us connected for life.


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I never met Kenny but I always enjoyed his contributions on TRIBE and it's clear he was a solid citizen, loved and missed by many. Gone too soon. Rest in peace.