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RIP Jeffus

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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You were a star. I loved our conversations that began as catching up on raver gossip but always led us into unexpected and exciting topics that included nuclear engineers, hedonism and debauchery, ethics and morality, or which country had the best bathrooms.


Crazy Sue


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So sorry to see this. Missed his posts on the board and haven’t seen him in years here in KW at Oktoberfest.

Always entertaining and like being at a circus being around him..

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I went to high school with Jeff back in the 90s in Waterloo and we sat next to each other in the school's concert band (he played French Horn, I played trombone, lol). It was nonstop jokes and one-liners in the brass section, believe me. We would ride the school bus home talking about German techno and Catholic esoterica, among many other subjects.

We reconnected during the rave days as he cut a swath of debauchery through every bar, nightclub, and party the scene could throw at him. I'm sure tales of his many escapades are recorded deep in this message board's archives. To call him a larger than life figure doesn't do him justice. He was like the Baron Munchausen of the rave scene and beyond.

More recently I followed his antics on Facebook as he took his show on the road, observing with two-parts amusement and one-part concern as he wound up in crazy situations in far-flung reaches of the globe doing aid work and answering the call of adventure, most recently settling down in India.

He packed a lot of living into his 45 years, and he will be missed.

Adquiro et Devoro, and Rest in Peace, Jeff.
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Klubmasta Will

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I am speechless. This is so very sad. I haven't seen Jeff in many years, but I recall many great times shared with him. He was incredibly smart and funny. This message board community was absolutely much better for many years because of his presence and contributions.

Rest In Peace, Jeff.

My deepest condolences to his family and close friends.
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Came back to mourn the death of a larger than life character, a true original, never to be replicated. His stories on here would give Hunter S Thompson’s gonzo exploits a run for their money, and to have spent time in orbit with Jeffsus was a life changing experience. The world is a worse place with his loss.