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RIP Jake Abramowitz aka Q-tip, Kuba, Kubatron


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Sadly Jake passed away while biking in Toronto this weekend. He was a big part of tribe in it heyday and a personal friend to myself and many, he leaves behind a wife and 10 year old son. He was my mortgage broker and my friend I've known him for the past 20 years and we met here, I'll be forever grateful for knowing him.

Another one gone way too soon,

RIP Jake
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Def a tribe stalwart with a very respectable post-count and while I never met him in person I felt like I knew his digital avatar here on tribe. RIP.
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Holy Crap. RIP Jake.

We used to ride all the time back in the day, although I hadn't spoken to him for a couple years now. I was out riding with a friend on Saturday who also used to live in Toronto, and we were reminiscing about the don valley trails right when this would have happened. Terrible news.


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So shocked to hear this news today. Jake was such a kind, humble, family man who always made those around him smile with his energy and wit. We had lost contact for a few years and I had taken it for granted that we would be able to re-connect again in the future.

My deepest condolences go out to his wife, child and family, I can't imagine the pain they're going through.
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Vote Quimby

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Just heard the news. I'm shocked. Kept in touch over the years via FB. So sad.

Condolences to his family and those of you who still kept in touch with him.


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Very sad news. I heard about a rider crash in the Don through mtb friends. We always hope it's someone we don't know. ... but it doesn't minimize the loss or sadness. I didn't personally know Jake but I do remember him from this forum. My condolences to the family and his friends

Currently there is discussion on FB amongst the mtb community to do a memorial ride through the Don in Jake's honor


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I haven't been here in like 10 years???

Figures... this is what draws me back.... just thought I'd randomly check... and tadaa!

Jake was at my house last weekend..

There was a small Jam on the beach with Mat Lunnen, Gleeson, Rich Hope, Sage, ect.. and a few others I was playing at. I was busting Jake's balls for days to join.. as were others.. he surprised us all by showing up. He was welcomed with a lot of smiling and hugging!

After the event he and a bunch of people came back to my place... In the group we walked off the island with there were 6 of us total... realizing we would need 2 ubers Jake "pulled a Jake" and said "fuck that". and he ordered Uber Black... got a huge 3-row SUV to take us all back to my place were we continued the party until way beyond "bed time"... Upon arrival at my house he ordered WAY too much Popeyes chicken, of which I was still eating it at 330 am.

He ghosted us that night (again, he pulled a Jake) around 1:30.. messaged some of us saying he walked Amy (Spacebabe) home.. then just kept walking...

He was still messaging and shooting the shit with me up until Weds of last week.

On Sat night I went to London for a gig with Mat Lunnen... crashed hard at Mat's that night... Woke up to my phone blowing up... Shawn (kyfe) on Whatsapp, friends on facebook messenger, my wife Pia (Lilmissunshine) calling me in tears... felt like a fucking nightmare.. still does.... didn't make sense... still doesn't... Hopped in my car and drove for 2 hours, straight to Amy's .......... and just absolutely unloaded.

While I'm VERY thankful to have had the chance to laugh with him one last time... It fucking hurts.. a lot

Jake was very special to a lot of us.... He welcomed everyone and anyone in to his home.... He was always so generous... I'm proud to say he married my wife and I by presiding over the ceremony.. He always looked after his friends and had a fucking huge heart... Words can't describe the pain. Sending all the love in the world to his lovely wife and son...

He'll be missed by all of us dearly.
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Mrs. Pink

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Been a minute for me too.

Sad to learn of Jake's passing this weekend. Was great to see him a couple weeks ago at the beach. Condolences to those that were close to Jake. Jake and I stayed in touch over the years, mostly through Facebook messages.

RIP Kuba, you'll be missed by many my brother.
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As we all get older this kind of unfortunate news becomes more frequent. This is life I guess.

Years ago I went to a house warming party at Jake's place a few streets over here in Leslieville. I was armed with a nice cake I'd baked myself, a sponge cake filled with real cream and fresh berries. I was so proud of it. I dropped the cake box on my way up his front steps and was distraught, but Jake didn't seem to mind. He said it was now an upside down cake and just as tasty. Ha! Missed him when in moved out of the hood.
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Klubmasta Will

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This is incredibly sad. Jake is part of a group of friends that purchased Arizona properties with us 10 years ago. We've kept in touch after his rave days due to our Arizona owner's group. I always enjoyed and appreciated his thoughts on this board.

RIP Jake. Deepest condolences to his family and close friends.

Stay safe and healthy, everyone! I'm gonna go hug my kids extra tight even though they're both sleeping.


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I knew I was always in over my head when I butted heads with him on here.
My condolences to his family and everyone here who truly knew and loved him.


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Jake helped me handle a difficult condo purchase with an ex girlfriend back in 2012. I just re-read the email thread and he was so helpful and insightful and he spent time with me over the phone talking through how to resolve the situation. Though I never met him in person, he had such great energy... I just want to reaffirm what his family and friends already know - he was a great guy that helped many people and he will be missed! My condolences to you... </3