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RIP Dr. Sheela Basrur


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The lady who showed us public health was important...during SARS and fighting off the World Health Organization in their assessment to avoid Toronto during that time with a lucid explanation...

In bringing us restaurant safety and cutting down of pesticide use...

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she really made clear the necessity of the office of chief medical officer as a bi-partisan cabinet to be run independant of the government or opposition.

She also headed the "dine-safe" campaign in toronto, those green signs that went along with inspections. An amazing women who stood up evidence-based policies - in a time where predjudice and fear were rampant in this city.


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This is definitely a major loss for Ontario.

I remember her level-headedness during SARS so well - and her approach to public information dissemination comes up all the time in our Emergency Management classes as the "here's how to do it the right way" example.

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the Doctor

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I knew Sheela personally, having met her while working at the Ministry of Health when the Smoke Free Tobacco Act was being brought in. Over the last few years she became my mentor and a very good friend.

Not only was she a tremendous force and advocate for public health initiatives, she was also unselfishly devoted to her beliefs, her work, her family and her community.

I will forever admire her for her work and the phenomenal impact she has had on all those she touched. And I will miss her terribly.
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Positive vibes to her family and friends.

I noticed her determination and professionalism during the SARS outbreak, and have watched and respected her since. She was/is awesome.