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RIP Don Knotts

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terrawrist III

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"Who is this, Enid?"

"t's supposed to be Don Knotts."

"And what was your reason for choosing him as your subject?"

"I don't know. I just like Don Knotts."

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Oh man...

Knots was a really funny man

He did a lot of funny movies before Three's Company or Matlock

It's so sad to see another comedian pass on

RIP Don :(


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Yep, every day after school I'd hurry home to watch 3's company, and Happy Days. Serious bummer to hear he's passed. Rest in peace dude.


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I am watching Three's Company right now.

I have every season on video and dvd. It's been my fav show since I was about 10. I have watched every episode in the thousands of times.

*insert geek emoticom*
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eLeKTRon said:
Okay, truth be told, he really wasn't that funny.

But he LOOKED funny.

True..he was good at looking funny.

But are you talking about Don not being funny in three's company or are you talking of his movies?

I thought his old old movies had a real slapstick comedy affect to it and remember laughing when I was a kid watching it.

The Tesseract

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Don was apparently a difficult man to deal with, and due to his (reluctant) career, was a terrible father... apparently a shame he carried throughout his later years.
poor bastard.

RIP Mr. Furley.
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don knotts was amazing and did some fantastic parts... its a sad thing that he passed. my money was on Matlock.

:( and yet when I think about his work -> :D

Sylent Syd

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i used to call one of my cousins "Furley" coz he was so klutzy and whenever he got perplexed, he had a sort of similar twisted face look...eyes bulging, lips perched, body mildly shaking...that's how i picture Don Knotts in my head.

He had some kinda cute comedy movies with Tim Conway from the Carol Burnett Show...good pair, those two...
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Buddy Holly

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Ralph Furley was awesome! IT is really sad to see such a funny comedian pass away. It must be really difficult for his best friend Andy Griffith.

We will miss you. You can knock on our door any time!
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