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RIP Deko- Jason Steele


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The Communic8r: Golden Age of Toronto Raves
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Sadly, we've just learned that Deko- Jason Steele has passed away. Deko's influence on the early days of Toronto raving was strong (not to mention he had already had huge success as a DJ in the previous decade.)

Deko was behind a few well known nights in the early days of rave - Zoom Room in the basement at Klub Max, which most of us frequented early Sunday mornings when The Factory kicked us out at 5am. He put together Kindergarten Techno Sundays at RPM and organized several annual Christmas raves where the proceeds were donated to charity. The list of the events he was involved in is massive.

If you were raving in the early 90s it's likely you've heard his tracks, as he released many that were distributed by Plus 8 Records
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