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RIP Deepen @ Lotus (Van)

Mrs. Pink

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One of this countries most legendary house night has sadly come to an end.

Congrats to Vernon, Honey and everyone else who ran this night....

local dj's like Vernon, Jay Tripwire, Tyler Stadius, Tyler Lewis, DJ Ali holding down 1's and 2's. Plus some of the best out of town talent in the world, Deepen @ Lotus was truly a staple of house music in this country.

I was fortunate enough to make the flight out to BC to play this night, great people, great night, best of luck in the future Vern!

Mat Lunnen
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Bloom! Productions

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i remember playing at deepen back in the late ninety's or early two thousand...
it was a great time and a good crowd of people!

i'm sure that vernon and honey will be keeping the vibes alive in van!

what happened to the night (or club)? what's in store?

dino "deeno" busato
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Mrs. Pink

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what dj name do you go by? OR am i and idiot and you really go by globalkiller.......(please say you don't)....


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global killer, global k, fat elvis, and one more which i am working on :p

I played on tour there with rob solo, and dj fiver from ottawa, we played all across canada , love vancouver

and no I am not an idiot for choosing that name, just havent changed it because peeps know who i am, however, now as the hair starts to thin, a name change is in order,


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That's some crazy shit. Deepen at Lotus holds a very VERY special place in my heart. When I lived in Van, I partied there every Saturday night for 2 years straight (maybe even 3 years). Lots of amazing music, good friends and of course - tequila ;) . Chani and Vern always treated me so well... they are the true definition of soul. And the djs!! All of them - Vern, Jay, Tyler(s) - were so on point. It was such a rare treat to be exposed to that level of music every weekend. Only in my older years do I come to realize how lucky i was to have that calibre of talent at my finger tips.

This is very sad news indeed.

long live deepen

sarah :)