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RIP David Mancuso Tribute Mix

Destro Sanchez

TRIBE Member
We lost another one recently. The Maestro David Mancuso. Without him we wouldn't have the Paradise Garage, The Gallery, The Warehouse, The Shelter, Zanzibar, Industry, Fabric, etc...

If you are wondering who David Mancuso is please read Last Night A DJ Saved My Life by Tim Lawrence. Or any of the many online articles and biographies.
Nicky Siano, Kerri Chandler, Caroline Polachek, and More Reflect on David Mancuso's Remarkable Legacy | Thump

I recorded this mix like usual - hit record and selected records. This time I used only records he would play at his Loft parties. If you're wondering why I played LCD Soundsytem - it's because he played that song when I was at the 38th anniversary.

Never have a felt such a vibe on a dancefloor. See my review I unearthed in the review section to read more.

In his honour I played them in his style: Full songs, 0 pitch, no blends, no effects, no tricks. The way the musician wanted you to hear their art.

For stream and download.

Tracklist to follow.

320 download
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