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RIP Bob Probert

Discussion in 'Sports' started by JEMZ, Jul 5, 2010.

  1. JEMZ

    JEMZ TRIBE Member

    Bob Probert dead | Hockey | Sports | Toronto Sun

    Bob Probert, the one-time scourge of the NHL, who battled so many players on the ice and a host of drug and alcohol issues away from the rink, was pronounced dead on Monday afternoon at a Windsor Hospital after collapsing on a boat on Lake St. Clair.

    AM 800 CKLW reported that emergency crews met the boat with other passengers in Lakeshore, Ont., just east of Windsor, but the 45-year-old Probert had no vital signs. They performed CPR on the former Red Wings and Blackhawks’ forward and transported him to Windsor Regional Hospital, but he could not be revived.

    Probert, who was married with twin boys, still sits fifth in NHL penalty minutes with 3,300. He retired in 2002 after 16 seasons, during which he also had 384 points. He had cleaned up his life to a large degree and had recently visisted Canadian troops in Afghanistan as part of an NHL alumni tour.

    He kept the puck from scoring the last goal at Maple Leag Gardens on Feb. 13, 1999 and had planned to give it to his

    Goon but not Forgotten

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  2. Zorro

    Zorro TRIBE Member

    Awe, Troy Crowder is having a beer or 10 tonight for his old buddy.

    Amazing how those two would go at it during a game, but were good buddies off the ice and would routinely go for drinks, and probably more, after the game together.

  3. moose-meat

    moose-meat TRIBE Member


    Probert protected Yzerman for years and this was the beginning of the big change in fortunes for the organization. Well , maybe ownership of Norris to Ilitch , but I still remember a Detroit game in Montreal where Stevie bagged the winner and Big Bob beat the snot outta someone and I thought , hey , things could be a changin.

    I wonder if he was into the steroids ???
  4. Aerius Zension

    Aerius Zension TRIBE Member

    Sad, but if this isn't some kind of aneurysm or brain clot from all the fighting, it could be anything. People this young don't die by chance often.
  5. tobywan

    tobywan TRIBE Member

    A couple of classic bouts from '96...rip bob.

  6. tripleup

    tripleup TRIBE Member

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