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ring tones


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jusy got a new phone.
Where can i get free ringtones.
all i find are ringtones 4 sale!

help a brother out.
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My ringtone right now is "I'm all out of Love" by air Supply. It's obnoxious as hell and I love it.

I'm about to switch to "Just to be with you" by Mr Big. :D


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depends on which carrier you are using (bell, rogers, fido etc)

you can grab them I believe from there respective websites.

my ring is Sandstorm and I love it.


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I want to find a ring that is an actual ring. You know, like the sound of a phone ringing.

The majority of phones these days come with songs only, and they all sound so pathetic when I hear them. Especially when you are in a business/work environment and someone's phone chimes up with "Hit Me Baby One More Time".

Cheers ... Ian :)