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RIGHT Angle Mix Review – don’t get LEFT out


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Angel & Cullen

Lifesize music – Nov 2003



Thanks so much for going out of your way to send this mix to me…it was totally worth the run around…I assure you that I’m on my 20 something listen of your cd…keeps me diggin deeper house…


Track impact…;)

# 9 That’s fareal - made me want to leave work and dance under the moon and the stars…

#12 d-town Frontin (hotjizz) has to one of the best tracks produced…I’ve seen this track on more decks than any track as of lates…just had to give this an honourable mention once again…funked-out talent!

#14 A little deeper – never sounded sweeter, mmmm

I have to give you props for extremely tight mixing…a flow that brought me up, down, turned me inside out and was pure [Bclassic[/B] love between the sheets…such diverse selections yet the programming kept me in tuned to the grooves you melted together…can’t believe your sound, your style and soul just progressively kept me asking for more…

I have to recommend this cd to all the soulful house heads…this is a MUST HAVE! please ensure that you keep me in the loop and send those cd’s to me…just make sure you confirm my address as usual...keep sharing the love and passion for music...all the best...KWE
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el Guapo

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glad you finally recieved your copy Kwe. stay tuned.....more to come!

for those who may want to check it: click here

play or download available.

enjoy ;)