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Riggs - Sunny Sunday Sessions (Funky House Mix)


TRIBE Member
Made a grooved out funky house mix this weekend. Take it for a spin if it tickles your fancy. Cheers!


01. La Fique - Robosonic, Adana Twins
02. For Those Who Like To Get Down - Marques Wyatt
03. Playa Den Bossa - Larry Cadge
04. Caught In A Glimpse - Nils Nurnberg
05. Magical Ride - Husky
06. A Little Bit of Summer - Mr. Nice Legs
07. It's About You - J Lettow
08. So Good - Nick Jagger
09. Get A Feeling - Bryan Jones
10. Galactik Flies - Spirit Catcher
11. Peer Pressure (Corduroy Mavericks) - Pete Le Freq
12. We Like It Colorful - Corduroy Mavericks
13. We Find Deep(Feat. Isis Salam) (Mat.Joe Remix) - Isis Salam, Kruse & Nuernberg, Michelle Owen
14. Kelly - RnB