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Riggs - Proof of Concept (Funky n Disco House Mix)

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by G3N3R4L, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. G3N3R4L

    G3N3R4L TRIBE Member

    Hey All,

    I made a funky house mix with my alter ego Riggs. It goes from disco to jazzy to funky and then goes a bit glitchy electro.

    Hope you enjoy it!!

    Riggs - Proof of Concept
    Right Click Save As

    01. The Young Punx - Never Die
    02. Rubix - Baiser Sur La Disco (Rubix Refix)
    03. Moonchild - Girl
    04. Audio Jacker - This Music
    05. Audio Jacker - Check It Out
    06. Sonny Fodera - Winter Nights
    07. Dave Allison - Need Yo Funk (Scrubfish Pan Fried Steak Remix)
    08. Audio Jacker - Jackers 5th Symphony
    09. Jorge Watts & Sonny Fodera - Who Me
    10. Camouflage - Don't You Know I'm Loco
    11. Charles Feelgood & Jeff T - Bounce It
    12. Chris Lake & Micky Slim - Shake
    13. Sonny Fodera - Something Special
    14. I Don't Care - I Don't Care (Dj Dan Edit)
    15. Laberge - Just Don't Let Go (Dj Eq Remix)
    16. Fenech Soler - Stop and Stare (Reset! Remix)
    17. Ivan Allard - Mad Again (Dirty Freek Dub Mix)
    18. Pat Nice & Matthew Brian - All The Time (Feat. Cueball & The Hustler)
    19. Rhythm Rockerz - Funky Beats
    20. Aniki - Suck My Disko
    21. Cassius - 99 (Reset! Remix)
    22. Bobby & Klein - Get That Bass
    23. Audio Bullys - Only Man (Reset! Remix)

    192K // 1:18:00
  2. G3N3R4L

    G3N3R4L TRIBE Member

    Just a quick bump for a few more listens / reviews. Have a good weekend everyone!
  3. Manipulated

    Manipulated TRIBE Member

    Listened to this on the bus today on the way to work and I liked it...But when I got home and had some dinner, then I put it on again while I was havin a beer and that's when I really felt the groove...Very Nice Mix!
  4. G3N3R4L

    G3N3R4L TRIBE Member

    Cheers for that! =)

    Glad you dug it.
  5. danielablau

    danielablau TRIBE Promoter

    Fuck, serious cubicle dance parties goin on due to this set!
  6. G3N3R4L

    G3N3R4L TRIBE Member

    ^ those are the best kind!
  7. danielablau

    danielablau TRIBE Promoter

    How is no one else biggin this shit up? This is some energy providing bouncy shit!
  8. G3N3R4L

    G3N3R4L TRIBE Member

    Cheers for checking it out! Glad you're diggin it!! =D
  9. G3N3R4L

    G3N3R4L TRIBE Member

    Quick bump of the old one.
  10. G3N3R4L

    G3N3R4L TRIBE Member

    one last bump for great justice
  11. tones

    tones TRIBE Promoter

    This is some good ear wax!!!
  12. G3N3R4L

    G3N3R4L TRIBE Member


    Cheers! =D

    Just realized I never added the SC link to this post..

    (really wish I could edit posts instead of adding new ones)

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