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RIGGS - Late Night Business (Funky House Mix)


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Hey All,

Here is my newest funky house mix. It has some disco, some tech and a whole lot of funky.

Take it for a rip and let me know what you think!



1. The Ultimate – J Paul Getto
2. Everybody’s Singing – Wise D, Kobe
3. Happy People – Peter Brown
4. Pretty Baby – Wise D, Kobe
5. Not Like That – Jay Lumen
6. Discooo – Birdee
7. In The Night – Fire Flowerz
8. How We Do – DJ Mes & Rescue
9. Cause And Effect – UMEK, Groovebox
10. Around You – Dolly Rockers
11. Drop That Bass (DJ Dan Remix) – Gary Caos, Dimo
12. In Ibiza – WhiteNoize
13. Funk Dat – Peter Brown
14. Work That – Piatto
15. Back To Funk – Bass Kleph
16. Naïve (Billy Kenny Remix) – The Kooks
17. Whatever – Jason Chance & Kevin Andrews
18. Go Bitch Pt.2 – Todd Terry, J Paul Getto
19. Know How (Dolly Rockers Remix) – K-Klass, Mark Wilkinson Feat. Sensus
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Dude! Normaly, I am not that into funky house, but I always like your mixes that you post, so I thought I'd better give it a chance... My head was boppin through the whole set! Got me through a busy morning at the office!

thanks for posting!


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Cheers for that! Glad you enjoyed it!

I tried to keep the energy upbeat and bouncy. Little disco, little tech.
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