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Riggs - Hot Summer Nights (Funky Tech House)


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This is a summer mix for all those who want to hear a blend of tech and funk. Has an old school vibe and bounces throughout. Check it out!

01: Heartik - It's Too Right
02: Belocca, George Privatti, Guille Placencia - Keep Going
03: Groovebox - Freshmaker
04: Siwell, Vlada Asanin - Tikvice
05: Vicente Belenguer, T. Tommy - My Money
06: Peter Brown - In Da House (Dolly Rockers Remix)
07: Bryan Cox, Groovebox - Drop You
08: Angelo Ferreri - A Special Day
09: Bryan Cox, Groovebox - Beat Therapy
10: DJ Dan - Conjunction Funktion
11: Gary Caos, Block & Crown - Love to Dance
12: Hazzaro - Get Down
13: DJ Dan, Terry Mulian, Rescue - Phreaky Deaky 2014
14: Groovebox, PHNTM - Budapest Bounce
15: DJ Dan, Ido - TekNoFunk
16: Lissat & Voltaxx, Block & Crown - Dangerous Society
17: Spartaque - Phantom
18: Hoxton Whores - Sunrise Feat. Krysten Cummings
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