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Riggs - Business as Usual (Funky Tech House Mix)


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Hey All,

Created another new mix this weekend.

Funky house, some tech house and all around good vibes.. take it for a spin! :)


01. Mark Funk - Super Boogie
02. Crazibiza - My Lips (Simon Doty Remix)
03. Kleight - Don't Stop (Jaceo Remix)
04. Phunk Investigation - Yes
05. Filthy Rich - Kripke's Basement
06. Dezzet, John Giraldo - Shakes Gangsta
07. Guille Placencia - Supersonic
08. Ruben Alvarez - Just Thoughts (Gilbert Le Funk Remix)
09. Rescue - All Night Every Night
10. Hoxton Whores - Disco Ain't Dead Feat. Seany B
11. Ton Def - Got To Be Funky
12. Loisan, Hugo Marti - The Return
13. Uto Karem - Taking Me
14. DJ Falk - Been A Long Time (Tradelove Mix)
15. Gary Caos, Dimo - Drop That Bass (DJ Dan Remix)
16. DJ Anna - Keep Going
17. Stanny Abram - Abimbolla
18. Melissa Lopez - The Point of No Return (James Hurr, Hugcargo Remix)
19. eSQUIRE - The Knife
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