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Rigel - Interdimensional Travel


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Interdimensional Travel is the newest EP release from Greek Psytrance maestro Rigel
out on Canadian Psytrance label Metabolizm Records!

Interdimensional Travel is built upon two mind-stimulating tracks that will be sure
to ignite trance floors around the globe. The quirky musical madness Rigel is known for
is about to fill your cranial cavity, no need for a travel guide here, so strap yourselves
in and enjoy the ride!

Intergalactic Travel entices you in with its spacious intro that sets down the foundations
before blast off into the journey ahead. When you hear the vox, you know its time to travel
intergalactic style! With its driving kick and booming bass lines Intergalactic Travel is a
fusion of melodic mind warping craziness before it breaks down into a labyrinth of synthesised
stabs that simply add an energised lift before taking you into a dimensional shift.

Dimensional Shift continues the quirky musical madness Rigel is well known for. With its clever
use of vox and rolling kick and bass lines throughout Dimensional Shift takes this EP up a gear
before dropping you into its depths of crazed melodic tones and synthesised sounds, breaking down
into a calling of harmonized enchanting horn effect and vox that sweeps you into Interdimensional
Travel's very vortex that leaves listeners and enthusiasts wanting more!

Listen | Buy: Beatport

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