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that 420 guy

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Main Entry: ride
Pronunciation: 'rId
Function: verb

intransitive senses
1 a : to sit and travel on the back of an animal that one directs b : to travel in or on a conveyance
2 a : to travel over a surface <the car rides well>

transitive senses
1 a : to travel on <ride a bike> <ride the bus> b : to move with like a rider <ride the waves>
2. to tune into the force and find balance at speeds faster than normal

what do you ride?

in the summer i ride this. in the winter i ride this.

- that shred with natty dread guy


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AND if you lived in jasper you could be snowboarding right now! i kid you not, people have been finding turns for the last few weeks, just remember to bring a rock board.


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Word up to that Thom

I just watched a special on the TTC on the discovery channel. I now know how to operate the subway,the streetcar and the bus.

Anyone know if they are looking for drivers ;)

BOO to those who drive cars that dont need to


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nick, you should really have a pic of Cri's car AND her father's car - i think i saw you in those 2 cars this summer more often then yours! :p

summer is all about my green bike. winter is all about my soon-to-be board, no more rentals!

The Watcher

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Originally posted by ~Loress~
nick, you should really have a pic of Cri's car AND her father's car - i think i saw you in those 2 cars this summer more often then yours! :p
It's true

so my wheels for the summer have been:



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summer time - my new ride will be my Gaastra Kite and Liquid Board

winter time - this year will be the 2004-2005 Burton T6 with the Mission set up - uber light, gonna see how fast I can get down the hill at Blue, then its park time!

to get to enjoy all these - my trusty Subaru Imbreza Wagon - looking to upgrade to a Legacy Wagon

on the daily grind its the better way TTC


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My non-winter friend:

(except mine is red, and therefore far superior...and it also has Coda components)

My winter friend is non-existent yet. :( I've been skiing all my life, but tried snowboarding 2 years ago and picked up on it super-quick -- it is way more awesomer than skiing ever was for me. I just don't own a board, and am afraid to buy one because I do *not* need another excuse to spend more $$$. :)


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But spending money on a snowboard is NOT just an excuse!!

Buying a snowboard to do something that: is a thrill, provides a form of exercise, provides healthy entertainment, and even provides socialization among other tribe riders seems like a pretty damn good reason in my books :D

There now....run right out and buy yourself a board man!



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why do i ride?
Because i'm addicted. I've played many a sport, and snowboarding has hooked me like no other. It's freedom for me. It takes enough focus to keep me centered on the activity so i can forget all my troubles. I'm exist only in that moment, that instant when i board... but, it isn't consuming enough that i don't become mentally tired. it's perfect
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Originally posted by Karim
I'm surprised it took 10/11 posts before a sex reference was made.
LOL I was too!!
Though I have to admitt when I saw the heading "ride", the first thought that jumped into my head had nothing to do with vechiles:)