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RIDE snowboard for sale


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I have a RIDE Jeff Brushie board for sale. The board is probably about 4-5 years old, only ridden a few times by me. New bindings were added to the board (value $300). Few minor blemishes on the board - couple nicks out of the top coat and one area that needs to be glued back down. I haven't gone riding for a couple years now and figure someone else might get some good use out of it.


I also have a pair of RIDE boots (Men's size 8) for sale, asking $40

I'm asking $200-$250 o.b.o - will deliver if in the Toronto area

PM or email

- Kevin
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Yeah hers was the bottom, and then the edge (the metal part) started to peel. So your' doesn't sound nearly as bad. 250 is a good price.

Ride still makes good products. I've had my ride free ride since 94 and It's still kickin ;) I find it quite heavy but for the 5 times I go each season it's pretty good. Maybe you could post the length of the board I remember someon was looking for a board not long ago...
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my bad, I thought I had posted the length. It's a 157. Little big for me (I'm 5'8"), so it's like I'm riding a diving board.

The few times I've ridden the board, I haven't been disappointed. Good ride.