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richie in london


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I just got home, about to go to sleep. Place was a just a little over crowded, I didn't mind to much.

Anyway, mad props to who ever had to make the trek back to Toronto in that craziness of a snow storm (especially if you took the 403)


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^^^ sketchy posts - trouble

I wanna know - how was the JUNGLE?


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i hated the venue, and those guys without their shirts on...other than that..holy shit that was good!
i'm tired so this is gonna be short..
great seeing tribe crew--thanks for letting us bud in-line =) and thanks laura for getting our coats at the end..you were jokes that night! yeah!!!!!!!

"anyone wanna see my muscles?!!" hahah

ps..snowstorm on the way home sucked ass..had to stop off on a country road for abit heh =)
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DJ Doublecross

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I had an awesome time too, although I ended up spending most of my time in the drum n bass room. Every time I trekked upstairs though, I heard wicked music and everyone seemed to be having a great time. My only complaint is that I didn't see very much of my friends who were upstairs! Oh well, for those of you staying the weekend, I'll see you tonight.

I also want to thank Amir for letting me do the jungle room. It was a lot of fun, especially at first when the crowd consisted largely of people who were waiting to get upstairs. They had an impatient look on their faces, but many heads started bobbing involuntarily. They must have been thinking "no.... must not.... like jungle... must... listen to... techno!!!"

P.S. did anyone go to the party at the Blue Room? How was it? Did John Acquaviva or Richie Hawtin spin afterwards?


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so was there any techno at this event?
the venue and crowd have been reviewed but, can someone please comment on the music


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being one of the first few people throught the doors got us witnessing some crazy tracks coming from john aquaviva.
after 3 tracks he stopped the music and said.. "ok... i know... just one more weird song i promise"

john did not dissapoint...
it was a sick set.......

Richie hawtin.
this man produced such amazing sounds
i could have spent the rest of my life listening to him spin

making madnezz delirum88 & addicted - partykid sandwiches was fun too.

the decorations were crazy....
they had the whole millitary theme goin on.
with tha parachute hanging over top of the main dance floor,
camoflauge netting seperating one 19+ area..

im assuming that was clark warner spinning in the 2nd upstairs room.
he had really good track selection and kept those who dared to venture away form john & richie, happy & dancin all night long.

the downstairs jungle room was sweet in the early hours of the morning.

rob, good job.. you know my stance on jungle.
p.s. thanx for the tape.

all in all great fucking party!
met some awesome people.
*laura this means you*
a bunch of tribers
and wittnessed the best night of music i have
been to in a long time

way to go RISE!
see you next thursday for tim patrick.
same RISE! time
same RISE! place
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Well first of I would like to thank Amir and Rise for putting on a great show!!!! The venue was decorated up quite nicely and the sound and lights all kicked ass!!!!
The Rise events just continue to get better and better!!!!

As for the venue of such an event, of course it could have been bigger but with the space that was available, i think was well done in serving the purpose!!!! Yes it was very crouded and eveyone was having a bit of a hard time dancing, but because of such close quarters, i was able to meet some of the GREAT TRIBE KIDS!!!!!

The music was great and both Richie and John played great sets, though John's set was quite slow, but the crowd seemed to really enjoy it!!!!

Whatever "lack of dancing" was taken from me was made up 10 fold by the wonderful people I met last night.
JEMZ was the first person that came right up to me and introduced himself, and after the gig I had a nice, but short conversation with...dude you kick ass!!!!
He also introduced me to someone right after that, which (I"m very very sorry) I can't remember the name!!!! Also was a very cool guy.
And then there is MADNEZZ!!!! This lady made me feel so welcome and introduced me to ( pardon my spelling):

delerium88(latiqua? please correct me if I'm wrong!)
tommy smalls
partykid core i think that was right

I also met "MUFF" while talking to JEMZ and another fellow by the name of Andrew.

Anyway I am just soooooo very thrilled to have met all of you, and the fact that all of you are sooooo nice, just blows me away.
I am honored that i was able to meet all of you and hope to get to know all of you in the future!!!! i really feel like I've joined a family!!!! TRIBE!!! Thanks so much!!!!

Unfortunetly I didn't meet any of the london crew, though I think I saw aphrodite, but I'm to shy to say anything....maybe all meet some of you another time!!!

yes i know this is a very long posting...I hope all the Toronto crew made it back ok last night...i heard about that snow storm!!!

Anyway last night was great in soooo many ways, and if I missed anyone that I met i apologize...I kept repeating everyones names all night so I would remember them.

Ok that's enough rambling!!!




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Okay... YES, the venue was more packed than any other party I have ever been to!!!

That being said... oh well, I could either bitch about it or be happy with my night, and happy I was.

Other than the fact that my gurlie had to leave early, I had a wonderful night. John Acquaviva opened, and even though I like the man personally, I was very un-impressed. His first hour was a terrible mix of latin, tribal and breaks, it was all over the board and he wasn't even mixing, he was simply letting one record run out than play the next. He turned it up after a while and fininshed strong with a good lead in to Richie.

Richie mixed (almost) flawless minimal. Not knowing what he was doing with his other toys, I can't be a judge of how well, because I didn't know the music. It certainly was good, groovy bumping techno though. The crowd always upbeat and responsive showed why we go out to events like this, because even with the movement problems, eveyone there was still smiling and grooving.

The surprise of the night was Clark Warner in the back room. I have never seen the man before, but he played a wicked trip hop set. And for the crew that were in the back cutting it I give shouts. It has been a long time since I heared trip hop at a party and was sooooo pleased.

The After party was bumping!!! When I got there Greg Benz and Shane Young were going back to back playing some sweet sweet trance. The vibe was unlike most after parties in that the actually was one. It wasn't sketchy at all it was rather pleasant.

Shouts go out to: Madness (wonderful), McBee (it was such a pleasure), Jane (my new sister), Dlerium (great conversation, so nice to see you again), PartyKid Corey (gets a 10 out of 10), Tommy Smalls (pure and simple), LostintheEhole (pleasure meeting you Tony, we'll party together again soon), Aphrodite( I saw you once, but better than none at all), Echo (Amy it was so nice to see you back in London, you are wonderful), Chicom (briefly as well), and anyone else I forgot I am so sorry. I am glad to put personalities and faces to the names, and so glad I was so impressed.

To everone else esp. Christine (Muf), Robbie.. sorry I couldn't see ya spin, Liz (swelling my head), Spence ma boy, Patio_D.. rev on the dance floor you sinner, and the whole London crew thanks for a wicked evening.

Finally to Amir, congrads buddy... party of the year. Time to top it with Connected.
Bye Bye 4 U


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Originally posted by Libradragon:

don't listen to the old man, janie.

You're in the london bubble - sleep is not an option.

You tell 'em Nomes. Might as well enjoy the time. Naomi, you were missed soooo much last ngiht, I wish you coulda come. I was thinkin' about you though.
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I miss you too, jamie love. I've been doing the career thing, the toronto thing - boring stuff mostly.

But you are always in my thoughts.



...richie was the one who got me into this whole techno biznezz about 5 years ago, and this was about the 6th or 7th time seeing him work his majik.

it was twice as good as his last appearance at turbo. definately!
....the turbo experience was a little too, dare i say, progressive (too many builds).

what defines hawtin above all other techno dj's (except maybe Marco Carola) is his perfection in programming his set. a true minimal artiste layering one track after track. hawtins set was very fresh - not playing the usual DE909 material which was music to my ears - enough with that stuff already, its not his best work.

hawtin seemed to use his 909 sparingly, but worked the drum machine in more creative ways than performance from the past.

the sound was quite good, its refreshing to walk out of a LOUD party without having the ears ringing. the lighting coulda/shoulda been a bit darker....this is minimal techno after all

richie hawtin = techno proper

on a social note it was great meeting a bunch of the TBK massive for the first time ..(pardon the typos and missed names)...mcbee, booty bits, jemz, eclipze, echo, janie, aphro, lostintheehole, cappacina....and partykid, chicom and dlerium88...

and of course, the one and only, Madnezz



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Originally posted by tommy smalls:

hawtins set was very fresh - not playing the usual DE909 material which was music to my ears - enough with that stuff already, its not his best work.

the lighting coulda/shoulda been a bit darker....this is minimal techno after all

i am so disappointed i didn't go; i assumed he would be churning out that de909 stuff (that and school got in the way)



glad everyone had fun!



"share what you know, learn what you don't."


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first off...janie' posts are not sketchy, we were just stated the obvious, right jane

my first trip to london was one to go down in the record books....fucking memorable guys!!
what a nite....i think i was talking shit the whole time, especially in the morning at liz's (" I don't wanna be that girl!!!")

arrived in london with partykid in tow, picked up our tix at booty bits house and hit the club with lots of time to spare. liz- your plan was executed flawlessly!!! once inside the club...the madness began. to be honest, it was too hot and crowded and there was too much sound bleed for me to really get my dancing groove on
but on a social side of things, the nite went from good to great to fantastic. to everyone who had to endure a moment of mcbee blabbering, i love you!! it is really you guys...the new friends and the old, that make it so easy for me to go home with a smile on my face. big kiss to you all.

tribe board massive in full effect!! nice to finally meet spinsah, tommy smalls, addicted, blueker, mofo, and jemz. such a pleasure!! and to all the regulars... stevie d, corey, ritika, madnezz, echo (good luck with your interview!!) and all those i am momentarily forgeting...thanks for a fun nite!!

finally to the london road trip girls....booty bits, janiecakes and aphrodite....well ladies, we did it!! we had our london adventure!! such a fine memory. i'm gonna hang on to this one for awhile
you guys are the best.

i'm going to bed now.

p.s. jane, don't you fucking dare start quoting stuff

p.p.s. just for the record, booty bits is the master organizer, the bestest hostess in the world and an all round cool chick. thanks for everything liz!!
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Definately a wikked night! I love you Ritchie Hawtin! Thanks again to the Tribe girls for saving me from that really scary guy in line. It was cool to meet Amy and Ritika for the second time. Also-Eclipse, Jane, Shannon (I like your fargo talk!), and Mcbee. My favourite quote of the night: "Who's that? He looks fun!" (Madnezz) As she proceeds to boogie down with my friend. It was so cute! It was good meeting you Laura. I very much enjoyed what I heard of Double- cross's set, nice meeting you Rob.

SomeGuy-Laura, who did you introduce me to? The guy repeated his handle name like twice but I couldn't hear him! Who are you, I want to know! (shirt with a strip, I think!)

The afterparty rocked, most people were still dancing! I tried, I really did, but I was too tired. Greg Benz spun some wikked trance.

Looking forward to partying with any and all of you in the future,


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Thanks everyone for your support and kind words, specially those of you who traveled from out of town to join us for the night.

Everyone involved worked extra long and hard to make sure that this was a top notch, memorable event and based on your comments and reviews obviously it paid off.

Thanks to all those involved in makeing this show happen. I won't name any names, you know who you are.


Words to live by!



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Did this party suck?


I had a great time. The techno was pumpin, the house was kickin, the people were amazing.. damn! The basement was where to be, thanx to Dj Doublecross and all the glorious jungle he suplied

special shout outs to Booty Bits for making my London experience one to remember...
Damn girl... you make me laugh!

Sarah, Jane, Liz.. that was fun, we should do it again! and mcbee, I too am pissing my phat pants when thinking of the possible quotes.. dear god!!

"I took a trip around the world..."

~ Aphrofuckedup


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There were some wacky people at the place and Richie's set was overshadowed by the sound of people breaking beer bottles around my feet. Then why the fuck did I have such a good time?

Rob, you are so fucking amazing! You owe me a tape though. But not till I get you some drinks for it because you are too funny when you're drunk.

Sarah, it was so good to meet you. You saved me from 19+ area hell! I was so frustrated that I had to chug my beer AND my drink because of the sectioning of the place, but you made my night. It was just one of those really cool meetings when someone I didn't know knew me and actually approached to say what's up.

Booty BITS! SO FREAKIN' wicked! Finally put a face to Shannon's Booty ramblings. VERY nice to meet ya and apologies for the THREE ashes I tipped over. Too much beer neow!

Jane, look at the bed right now and tell me that it doesn't look SO inviting.

Aphro, nice dive you took. It looked less painful than the last one. As always, had some good laughs with you. Especially in the morning. What a compromising position eh?

Amy, I hope you didn't get that job. No, I do. No, I don't. Okay, fuck it. I love your positive vibe. It rubs off on me for sure.

Man, I wish I saw more of Hawtin since he's such a king of the music scene. But the beats in the basement were too good. And what was with the older chick with the leopard print top? She was WEIRD-ASS!



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The location was not that great. Too many promoters are forgetting that one of the true meanings to partying is expression. Richie was great but nobody could dance to his music and show their appreciation because the place was too crowded. All of the drinkers were herded into a corner that was not accomidated for sound, but props to Richie for coming to London again.

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