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Richie Hawtin



The place was pretty much empty when I arrived around 11:30, but started to fill up nicely after an hour or so.

I found Adam Marshall & Lotus to be rather boring. Everything was just too repetative sounding.

Altitude was alright. he picked up the pace a bit, but was still nothing out of the ordinary.

I stayed for the first two hours of hawtins set. It was pretty good but not as goos as when I saw him about a year and a half ago at the mockingbird on King St. He started off kind of downtempo but after a few tracks he started to kick it a bit harder. His mixing was not as good as a was expecting. He made a few mistakes that sounded pretty bad to me, but not many people seemed to notice.

To sum the night up, good times were had by all, just wish I stayed a bit longer.

How was Aquaviva???


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OH MY GOD!!!! I havent had such a good time in ages. absolute fun non-stop dancing. I will write more later once it all sinks in and I get some sleep....but OMG!!!



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sometimes you have to just shut up and dance.... didn't pick apart my boy richie with a fine tooth comb, just found my floor and danced my ass off.... Matt Thibadeau's set was awesome, I LOVE IT when Roundtable artists get the chance to work a +1000 crowd and a HUGE system, lets everyone know what the toronto techno assasins are capable off... WICKED SET MATT!!!!! all you guys who aren't lining up to book the Roundtable talent in the city and building up the techno scene stronger then it EVER used to be.... FUCK Y'ALL



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holy fuck, richie killed me with techno last night. i've never seen him before and i've been waiting a while for him to come to town. let me just say the hype around this guy is all true. that was the hardest music i've come across (maybe a bit too hard for me). richie was like a robot behind the decks, using effects, samples, the 909, and god knows what else. granted, he did make a couple mistakes, and something tells me he's capable of much better, but he still rocked.

i have to give mad props to the organizers of this party. top class! the new Kool Haus venue is the best venue in the city for large parties, HANDS DOWN. the decor, the sound, the layout was all perfect. the idea to put a huge tent around the dance floor was awesome. it made the sound 10x better. and boy the bass was fucking strong in that place. my only complaint is the crowd. there really wasn't a vibe and not as many people were dancing. but oh well, Richie still killed me in the end

(I even saw Richie walking through the crowd before his set. I'm assuming to check out the acoustics of the room)


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I'm glad you guys had fun..

When I called the Guv about my ID situation, they said "Government issued photo ID only" so I got fucked on that one and couldn't go.

Stupid temp. driver's license, why won't my real one arrive.
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Holee fok.

I don't know what party you people were at who were complaining about stuff last night, that was one of THE sickest sets I have ever heard in my life. People not dancing? Gimme a break, I danced non stop for 5 hours or so.

Richie Hawtin takes DJing to another level entirely. The shit he does with eqing and builds is fucking unbelieveable. What an amazing sonic journey last night. I think last night was tied with Jeff Mills at Industry Jan 02'99 for most fun I've ever had in a club.

..and let me tell you, after the Hawtin-bot assault, the first few tunes John Acquaviva spun were a beautiful counterpoint. A monsoon followed by a soft spring breeze. Unfortunately by that point I was too tired to stay and left around 5am. Work was fun today (ugh.).




terrawrist III

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what can I say...

I love ritchie,for me it's ritchie,mills,then everybody else!

had loads of fun last night,ritchie played everything that I wanted him to,very subtle,very minimal to start off then BAMMM!

off he went with an explosively charged set that went form good to great to BAD!,everytime i see him I pray that he lays the minimal assault on me near the end which is what he did!That is how i remember him most and that is how i see him foremost,as a minimal genius!

met lots of familiar faces again(beaker,rosey,rentboy)and saw the tribers that I know(suke,bean,par-t)

thanks for sharing a great evening with the king!


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When I showed up there wernt to many people there but I knew the place would fill up soon. Adam Marshall and Lotus were pretty good- but I think they played too much on downtempo set. Maybe they wanted to set a stage into hawtin?
Altitude was really good. I loved his live act. There wernet to many people dancing but I was digging it alot. I found Rosey at this point and we found a good spot on the dancefloor. I met a few people before richie hawtin went on but I can only remember one: terrawrist III.
When Richie finally did come on the crowd seemed to take a bit to get into as he started with some funky flordia stlye minimal techno- and smoothly flowed into some hard funky- tribal- smooth pounding techno! I pretty much spent the night groovin to hawtin.
John was pretty good- but scince ive been up entertaing guests from Ottawa for the past 2 days straight I finally decided I had to get my ass home.
It was great chillin with my ho's (bwa hahahaha) Jen - Lori and everyone, and nice to see familiar faces

"Techno DJ's do it deeper"


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A great show and a great time ! the trip up from Kingston was certainly worth it ,the drive home at 7am was a little tough but i had a great assortment of discs to help keep the eyes peeled .Great sound under the tent at Kool Haus.

Sound system plays a renegade tune.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">His mixing was not as good as a was expecting. He made a few mistakes that sounded pretty bad to me, but not many people seemed to notice.</font>
Actually to be honest I've never found him to be a particularly good technical DJ. He makes tons of mistakes on many of his recorded sets... What makes him really good is selection. He really knows how to put together a set.

I haven't seen him in over a year though, and I hear he is starting to get kinda weak lately....
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the drive up from windsor was worth it for this event.

i got to the warehouse around 12:30, just as richie was arriving too.

walking into the warehouse, it felt reminiscent of ritual 8 - the last time richie spun at the warehouse - with parachutes used to downsize the venue. this was a smart move - it made the event more intimate, and cut down on the empty feel that the warehouse has had the last two techno events there.

i hadn't heard richie in over a year and was totally hoping that my ears wouldn't be assaulted with more of his de909 stuff. his set started off minimally, and then headed toward a more banging selection. i too noticed a few mistakes.

i left before his set was over, but not before running into many familiar faces.

once again, blue has shown that they can consistently put on quality events with quality artists.

thanks for a fun evening.



.:. share what you know, learn what you don't .:.


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this was my first time seeing richie hawtin. he definitely made some mistakes here and there but all in all, he played some amazing techno. john acquaviva didn't do it for me. at that time, i like the music to pick up and go somewhere, his house seemed to bring it down a bit and just made me realize how tired i was.

good times being out and social again (it's been a while).


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ALTITUDE - totally feelin' his tracks. slow yet hard with pounding back basslines. Really enjoyed it.

HAWTIN - one track warm-up was all he needed. Done deal.

AQUAVIVA - feelin' the vibe but I was really tired before the party and just barely could hang into the late night sessions. Played some proper vocals over some heavy basslines. Safe!.

Nice too see everyone again. Nice to meet sweet petite breakz_bitch.

Nice to see Kate rinse rinse rinsin' it without the time-factor hoovering over her back.

I was just too tired.

Feels like yesterday but it was just this morning ==============================&gt; Suke.


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this was also my first time seeing Richie spin. I understand now why he is called a techno god...fer real he was sick...
started off doing live type things, then went into mixing good hard tracks, slowly progressed into his decks efx album style of trax and ended off quite minimally...
only stayed for 20 min of John, but he didn't hesitate to keep us going...
damn fine gentlemen!!
Adam and Lotus played a very neat style of techno, slow but get-on-down-hard and sometimes funky.
The live PA by Altitude was great too...
great to watch...

VIVE LE TECHNO-Have you had your serving today?

lots of energy there, great people
big ups to adam and jen from Albany, NY!!
and all the tribers, all the gals and boyz...
one of the top ten parties, no doubt!!

peace and love
ps-it's true, lots of people weren't dancing, techno can be enjoyed by just listening to it, ya know?
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Well Im glad it was a lot of first timers out there seeing richie play! I remember my first time... i was 2 days away from my 19th b-day.... had just bought my tix from speed (back in the day!) and up i get to the door and the security dude let me in...... 2 days short of my 19th birthday.... who ever you were thankYOU!!!!!

But yea point being glad you all had a great time.... sadly i could not be there becasue i had to work the young street festival with 54-40...... Did some work for the main stage... and i was too baked to handly any note of richards music!

On a side note Bean ritual 8 was at the opera house not the warehouse/ kool haus

Yea the decore of rictual 8 was really kewl..... i remember theorem played a slammin set and remember that live drummer group.... they were on fire that night!!!

And another Toronto richie page goes down in history!


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by d.code:
I also noticed that he was playing on 2 decks... I thought he usually did 3.</font>
i've never known him to do 3....his "3rd" is the 909


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Lets start off with a point about the venu. "Gee, the warehouse is a lot kooler then it was before!" Sorry, but that name is never gonna stick. I love the parachute idea, simply brilliant. It was like a cave in underneath them, and the way the intelligent lighting tried to break through the canopy added an eerie effect.

Hawtin was nothing short of amazing (as was expected) A couple people mentioned he screwed up some mixes... When I was chillin by the stage I heard the needles skip a couple times in a row, but I wouldn't consider that DJ error. The way he built up the tracks was incredible. Near the end of his set I noticed that he used his signature effect a lot more, it's a predominant sound off his decks, effx, 909 cd. Some of his tracks were a little to hard for me, and I was groovin to the deeper stuff a lot more. All in all he was worth the 30 bux.

Aquaviva was ok. Maybe I didn't enjoy his set as much casue Hawtin's fast-paced, in your face style was overwhelming. Nice tracks anyway..

Peace & love. D


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I had an amazing time at this party. Got there just as Hawtin was stepping up. He spun some great tracks, some pretty heavy robotic sounding shit, but his mixing wasn't great. Could feel one track coming in over another a bit too much and a few train wrecks also. No biggie though, the crowd was feeling it and I was definitely. Acquaviva kept things going but warmed the room up a bit. Plenty of full on EQ tweaks that he threw his entire body into.

The decor and lighting were phenomenal. Unbelievable what that humungous parachute can do for that wide open space. It was uterly crazy under that thing - with plenty of openings to stroll in and out of. The lighting was magnificent under the big top also. I think they should ALWAYS incorporate a parachute in that place... really makes it more intimate. The sound was stellar as expected.

All in all one of the best nites out for me in years. Nice seeing Suke & the Rental one out and about.



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WOW!!!! What an absolutley amazing party!! Richie was incredible! Ive never loved, and danced to techno so much in my life. The ppl. were wikkid, and so many familiar faces. loved it! Too many names to mention that made my night incredible, but u know who u are! This was my first party at the warehouse...sorry kool haus, and I absolutely loved it. Its a wikkid venue, and i didnt feel as yucky and grosse as i usually do, the coolness is perfect. so, now that im all hyped, when's the next one??

jess, ritika, robyn, lori= wknd. party gurlz! haha- memories

------ goes down in top ten list also.
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wikked party! love the look (and sound) of the kool haus with tent. hate the look (and sound) of kool haus with no tent. keep the tent. somebody mentioned that they were trying to make the place look and feel like industry. anybody else see that?

i don't know about any train wrecks or poor mixing. unusual mixing, yes. maybe not technically perfect, but hard to point to anything and say 'this was wrong'. in my opinion Ritchie was great. i really enjoyed his set and kept moving for the whole thing.

it was great to meet up with, in no particular order: tyler, ritika, lori, jen, jay, matt, and tom, and anybody else that i may have forgotten. you guys rock and i hope y'all had as much fun as i did.



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AMAZING!!!!!!!! That pretty much sums up my nite at the new and VERY improved Warehouse/Kool Haus! What a great club, I cant wait for the next party!
This was my first time seeing Richie and I can honestly say he is a TECHNO GOD! I didnt stop dancing once througout his set. It was nice meeting Rosey and whole bunch of others (too many to mention) but especially Steve(Joel's friend) I know you're not on the board but if you happen to read this, it was such a pleasure meeting your sexy self!
My girls...Ritika, Jen, Jess and Robyn...so much fun! When's the roadtrip???

-Goldielocks &lt;----was in heavnen when 'Finally' got played at the end of the nite. Mmmmmm

Rob Selecta

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I wasn't able to be there all night, due to other obligations.
However to read all of these incredible replys tells me I missed out.
That's Ok though, As long as the party went off, and so did you.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by ~Loress~:
-Goldielocks &lt;----was in heavnen when 'Finally' got played at the end of the nite. Mmmmmm
Lori, was that Kings of Tommorow - Finally?!?! I'm in love with that track


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by optik:

On a side note Bean ritual 8 was at the opera house not the warehouse/ kool haus

Yea the decore of rictual 8 was really kewl..... i remember theorem played a slammin set and remember that live drummer group.... they were on fire that night!!!

And another Toronto richie page goes down in history!
mike -

ritual 8 was at the warehouse - may 1999.

ritual 4 was at the opera house - august 1998, with theorem and autechre.

tsk tsk



.:. share what you know, learn what you don't .:.
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