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Richie Hawtin

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by smazzers, Oct 11, 2005.

  1. smazzers

    smazzers TRIBE Member

    Anyone going to this show at Plush??
  2. $80 Undershirt

    $80 Undershirt TRIBE Member


    just moved to van, so i'm not sure yet.

    where's plush?
  3. smazzers

    smazzers TRIBE Member

    Plush is at 750 Pacific Blvd ...near GM Place I'm told. I don't really know where it is either, but it shouldn't be hard to find.
  4. $80 Undershirt

    $80 Undershirt TRIBE Member

    Looks like I'm going!
  5. g0nz0

    g0nz0 TRIBE Member

    its along pacific, across from BC Place...its in the plaza of nations, along with edge water casino.

    heres a map

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